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Use the power of Twitter (P.O.T.) to make you money per tweet! 1

Posted on October 17, 2011 by John K

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Twitter is one of the most popular ways to gain a whole new fan base: whether you are a social media master, an artist, a director, a comedian, or just the average person with over 1000+ followers based off of how interesting you seem, you can actually make some money with tweeting.

Paid advertising is the main way that Twitter truly makes its money. It doesn’t really have a monetizing system like Facebook does with its different ads, social commerce, and Facebook games. However, it does have a rather engaging system and a direct messaging feature that allows consumers to get directly in contact with their customers or prospects. For this reason, Twitter is extremely valuable. Your tweets can be the leading cause of you making money from Twitter.

There are a few different services out there that will pay you to tweet such as Twittad, but the one I find the most consistent is Sponsored Tweets. Remember from previous posts, I was talking about PayPerPost and Social Spark? Well, this is the tweet version of those services. They are all under the IZEA umbrella.

There are articles out there talking about Celebrities making money to Tweet , which is cool. Yes, they have a vast Twitter base in the realm of millions, so it’s not surprising a guy like P. Diddy will get $20,000+ for each tweet he makes. Although, you won’t make money on that scale. You’ll def rake in some good pocket change. Depending on your followers, and how much they engage and click your links, you’ll gain even more. I started off on Twitter making $1.25 a tweet. Then $2.00. Now, I’m on the scale of making $10.00 a tweet just because I’m so engaged with my user base, and my followers significantly go up every year! Amazing, right?!

A lot of people still think that Twitter isn’t really useful. Well, with an ever changing look into Social Media, you need to get on board because this is still a slept on goldmine!

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