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Social Media Marketing vs Content Marketing: Why do you need a perfect balance of both?

Posted on March 18, 2013 by John K

Social Media Marketing vs Content Marketing

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Setting up the perfect mix between Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing is sort of a Yin and Yang effect. You need both. What’s your content without finding a way to distribute it. Likewise, what is your social media marketing like without having something useful to talk about. These are a few things to consider! Now, let’s get into the meat of this post. Your content!

Content Marketing

This is your real estate. It’s what you have to offer. When you go about your content, you have to think of a few key things such as: is this a valuable asset to my potential customers or readers? Is my content answering a question someone needs? Well, a great way to find out is by going to forums to see what’s hot right now. Try to pick a forum that is closely related to your niche and see some hot button topics that will bring traffic to your site by creating a unique spin or a different view of the topic. Also, joining a group or community such as HubPages is an excellent to way to build quality content, get answers, and inspire you for even more content. It’s necessary to write your content in a format that gets you recognized like good keyword density. Spiders will crawl your site and help index your posts better. However, without the proper place to distribute your content, you won’t be visible enough to get traffic and sales.

Social Media Marketing

Once you have your real estate together, you need great prospects who will feed into your content. This is why social media is imperative. Through your Twitter, you can use short messages to bring back traffic to your site. Build up your followers through trust and providing great value. This will be a great asset to your traffic. Additionally, you can set up a Facebook fan page to help your cause. You’ll build a consensus of what type of posts really converts. This is useful for your future and it’ll save you time. Also, think about the content you are producing. Is it picture based? Is it video based? Different outlets are made depending on your content type. If you have pictures, post it on Pinterest and Tumblr. Tumblr is perfect for memes. You can get really creative and draw in a lot of traffic to your page. Also, Pinterest is perfect for women. Health, Fitness, Recipes, and more should be your focus! For your tutorials, your live questions, and feed – use YouTube.

Why do you need both?

Simple. You need traffic, you need prospects, and sales, right? Well, how do you get that without having a presence. Besides, the search engine, Social Media is the most relevant asset you have so use it wisely! However, when people find your site, you need great content for them to stay on your site and buy something. Your social media tactics are bait to lure in a lot of fish. To put it simply, you need both to create a strong selling point!

Hopes this helps! Any comments or suggestions, please leave some love below!

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