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Save your site from Google’s SEO wrath by using PTO for optimizing blog posts

Posted on January 07, 2013 by John K

It’s one thing to write a post but it’s another thing to fully optimize a post. It’s not enough to solely focus link building. I’ve learned that it’s the relationship of building your content for the people that actually want to read your content! Let’s break this down in a few different steps. Using PTO or People and Traffic Optimization.

1.) Trending topics

So Google says they want fresh and relevant content? All right, cool. Look right at Google and see if there are some trending topics are really hot articles/niches you can get ideas from for your own niche. Find an article that’s in the top 10 and go from there. Another thing, just because a site or an article is at rank 1, doesn’t mean you have little to no research to do. Find out where they got their original source. Get some information from there and build. Link back to that site and get a major do follow link. Google loves when you source your information. You are the middle man in giving ANSWERS to what people want.

2.) Spend more time on Social Media

Not just by posting a link, but following niches that talk about yours and really build a rapport with like minded people. When you retweet and engage in conversation, you’ll build followers and followers will retweet the usual information you post because it’s valuable. Remember, the last post I wrote about using Pinterest as a way of finding hot niches. Within the last week, I’ve gotten over 14 followers on one board because I’m into the Cocktail niche and that has a very powerful cost per click rate. This is a powerful tool for getting extra traffic and possibly finding sneaky ways to sell your items.

3.) Hanging out on forums

Not really new, but it’s an effective way to find what people are looking for when it comes to product or answers. A forum I frequent regularly is the Warrior Forum. There are tons of great resource and even great affiliate products for you to promote. You’ll find some experts that can help you to better your blog or some cool niches to develop especially Evergreen Niches that build long term streams of income.

These are just a few good tips to get you started on your journey to building a more PTO relationship. Make sure that you build your traffic for the sake of the people, not solely for the search engine. For some great tips and a further explanation, check out some great info from expert Chris Munch on The Shocking State of SEO 2013 (and the epic rise of PTO).

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