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Sacrifice helps make or break your blog

Posted on June 12, 2013 by John K

Sacrificing for your blog site

Sacrifice is something I learned about that’s a huge determinant in your success. Time, effort, money, and any personal account to reach the next steps all give you character to go forward. Here are some of the things I’ve learned to help me attain some blog success.

Extra time for your blog posts

While frequency and consistency are very important aspects of creating a great blog. There is nothing more important than the quality of your posts. Guaranteed, that is what keeps your readers looking at your posts and prospects finding your posts. Also, you need to take the appropriate steps to add useful links for more value and embedded affiliate links with the right keywords. Putting in the images correctly also takes care of your post.

Investing money in your blog


It definitely takes a lot of money from your own pockets to really get going on your site. This could mean graphics for your brand logo, specific messages or infographics you want to build viral traffic, and more.

Press Releases

Press releases are still a good investment every now and again especially when you are first starting out. You can geo-target your posts for a specific country, state, city, or county depending on your business. There are sites out there such as PRWeb and PRLog that will help you build great long term backlinks.


Finding good sites closely related to your niche is great for advertising your brand or your products. PPC/Adwords are also great to target your audience beat out your competitors for the right price.


This is imperative if you are starting up a food or photography blog. It would do wonders for your Pinterest brand. Also, if you plan on starting your own YouTube channel, this would definitely work to your benefit for a more quality show to your viewers.


Whether you have a site such as Zazzle or Cafepress to make your products or an ecommerce store such as Volusion, it’s a good idea to make your own products.

Studying your craft on the weekends

This is kind of funny because I am writing this on a Sunday afternoon. You definitely need to use your weekends wisely and put forth the effort. This could mean watching webinars on how to enhance your website, tips, and tricks. You also want to hang out in forums to find out trends, questions, and answers to problems you may need more elaboration. You’ll get access to ebooks and PDF files. There are times when you sacrifice sleep and leisure for the sake of building long term and short term plans. It’s all apart of the game.

Budgeting your money

This is really important because you need money to live as well as build your brand. Split your costs and set out a budget for yourself.

What is the cost of buying a site? What is the cost of domain and hosting. I use GoDaddy for my domain. Very reliable and easy to use. And you even get great discounts such as Smokin Hot Savings! $5.99 .COMs. from Go Daddy!Unlimited Domain Hosting Only $9.95 a Month.

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