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Getting into the more popular Evergreen niches for 2013 (Fitness/Health) !


Hey, everyone. I hope you had a great New Year’s Eve and Christmas and all of that. Now, it’s time for a fresh new start and that means getting into brand new niches. What are some of the hot topics you are looking for? Well, one thing is health. There are countless people looking to get in shape for their New Year resolutions. It maybe something about drinking more water, more tea, eating right, getting a six pack, and even helping to cure ails. I bet your first question is: What is an Evergreen niche?

Well, that’s a simple answer with a bunch of complex sub answers. The term ‘Evergreen’ in the niche marketing world is a need that will ALWAYS be relevant no matter how many years down the road. There will always be people searching for the answer and a lot of times, they are people that will invest in products related to the niche. Now, you ask why is health/fitness such a great place to start. Well, both of them go hand in hand! More people are getting sick or not eating properly so they are trying to find an answer to their problems. This is where you come in and become an authority on the matter as they are DESPERATELY looking for aid.

Here’s a great thing you can start with: Yoga. Yoga is becoming increasingly popular on the Western world. Work is becoming stressful, jobs are hard to find, careers are lacking, and fast foods/horrible exercising programs take a toll on all citizens. Yoga is great form because it relieves stress, helps deal with high blood pressure, increases flexibility, and is just an overall great body workout that helps keep you young. This is why a lot of people are really getting in touch with Yoga because it’s a great spiritual, mental, and physical form of art. This is only growing in popularity and starting a good blog with great tips is a good way to start.

Finding out if this niche is powerful can be done in a number of ways via keyword research to help you find trends in the market, ebooks, forums, and social media. Pinterest is still a gold mine when it comes to this type of stuff especially for eating, recipes, health, fitness, and finding really popular niches. You’ll definitely grab a great demographic of women that loves to buy into all of that. At the very least, you’ll gain some quality traffic that can over time grow into buyers.

Now, here’s the great part, you can break down how Yoga helps a certain ailment. You can focus in on that or branch out and provide some self help tips like eating, how you can fit in Yoga with your workouts, or even find a good schedule to help you organize the times you go to Yoga. When you can help people not only get in shape, help their health, all the while still providing them time with a life, that’s some very valuable information that they will not only love to invest in but spreading the word virally. Remember, there are a bunch of Evergreen niches, but a great place to start is in the fitness and health realm. In fact, check out a few of the niche sites I have up to help you with your progress whether it’s clean cut workouts, benefits of drinking tea or even Yoga.

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Envelope Printing & Business Envelope Printing


In the realm of business it is very important for you to market yourself ahead of the competition. Which means you must let people know your identiity and just what companies you supply. In case you by no means make this happen people are not likely to know whatever you can to accomplish for the children. To achieve this you’ll want to get each accessible selection you must let people know what you will be and your skill for the children. This consists of while emailing material to other business employers and clientele. When a person views this type of info in the mail these are seeing your products and services, as a result of a rather good . Regardless of of you own an email program or you want to get to people via printed mailers, reaching new customers and permitting people know what you will be and the companies you are able to supply is essential.

Envelope producing is not only putting your contact details on to an envelope. This won’t can you significantly very good and will not give you a hand in any respect. In fact, no one is going to see your envelope stand out. It is all about standing up for running a business. You desire individuals to identify you and understand specifically what you will be and the companies you are able to supply at a moments discover. When you are about emailing material to different buyers you may use producing the envelopes. The speciality the envelopes contain photos, written terms along with other catchy content material which your potential new customers will cherish. Even when they don’t opt for the services you provide they a minimum of see what you can supply. Using this method, they may just notify family and friends in regards to you, sending you new company of your personal.
You can find sizes of the envelopes you may want to take into account. With your different kinds of the envelopes you get a very fair amount of new customers and clients, even though the actual measurement is going to rely on what content material your putting in the the envelopes. These sizes consist of 10 envelope producing and 9×12 different kinds of . This is a regular size envelope that permits you to suit the full record strait into the envelope, without having truly making one to collapse the info or needed one to alter the info.

Advertising on site!


I’m not really big on text links ads because a number of them can get demerited but if you have text links closely related to my niche or at least in the business/ business technology category. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. It might cost a little bit, but I throw in a great article that will get some really great indexing right back to your site to make it all worth while.

On average, I’m getting over 10,000 unique visitors a month and 25,000+ visits a month. I am currently at a PR 3, but well on the way to getting the site to a PR 4. If you search my blog site name on Google or other major search engines, it’s easily in top 3, so I get a lot of traffic based off keywords and SEO tactics to get more targeted traffic.

I have 3 different blogs I run and my flagship site gets over 16,000+ unique visitors and 35,000+ visits a month having a PR3 ranking. I write for Technorati, HubPages, and I do other freelance stuff for sites such as Blogsvertise, Blogdistributor, Fiverr, Textbroker, and other independent work. You’ll definitely get the most out of your money!


Blog Post – $20-25 dollars depending on length, distribution (i.e., social networking, social media, SEO tactics, press releases, etc). And also, the length in which the post will be there 6-12 months or permanent. If this is expensive or you have a more exclusive deal with more blog posts in mind, I will work with your budget and we will come up with a solution.

Text Link – comes with complementary blog post ($15). The Text Link must be very closely associated with this niche.

Anchor Text in already existing post with great SEO ($10).

Banner Ads – depending on the location and length of time. Prices may vary. Contact me for more information. Thank you very much. Have a nice day!

Pinterest Consultant: Pins, Repins, Times of Posts, Picture, SEO, and right boards!

contact me @ makingmoney2blog@gmail.com

What are 8 top trends for Internet Marketing to expand your brand in 2013?


Internet marketing is an constant changing, flowing, and evolving kind of market. You always need to prepare to change and elevate into a much more powerful fighting machine for whatever form of media you want to promote whether it’s video, text, pictures, or sounds. Here are 8 top trends I’ve complied from doing some research:

Social media

I’m going to keep preaching Social Media until you are sick and tired of me! Seriously, if you don’t have any kind of social media presence in the year 2013, you are severely hurting your presence. There are some good sources besides the Facebook (1 billion users) and Twitter (500 million users) such as Pinterest that’s still relatively new and gets good traffic. For you creative people out there that love the DIY, arts, recipes, health and exercise related things, get on board with that! Google + is also starting re-emerge and the authorship on there will start to outrank the search engines, so it’s a good idea to get a buzz there before things bubble back up!

Cater to the Hispanic Market

This actually a big one that I must say I have personal experience with on different terms. Business is starting to boom in Latin America/South America big time. They are developing to the social media trends rather quickly. When I see different countries such as Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, and other places, I realize that this is a territory we need to tap in. I have a site called Great Cocktail Recipes that caters to some islander and Hispanic style drinks, I find that a lot of people on Pinterest that follow me have Hispanic descent. Those shares, repins and likes definitely matters because that turns into followers of a brand I’m building.

More attention to mobile devices

Definitely get more acquainted with your mobile devices. That means optimizing your blog to be mobile ready, a good theme that will keep up your site speed. At least 1 out of 5 people do a lot of their searching online through a smartphone. It’s essential to be aware of this because you’ll grow a better audience and you’ll start get more sales. Even try to drive your content towards more mobile explanation.

Email marketing

I actually slept on this particular element for quite sometime. I think this is one of the best ways to really target loyal followers and make sales. These are the types of people you can depend on to make your residual income because they love your content and want to know more. It’s also a good way to provide that extra attention in case they do leave your site. You always got to feed your hungry followers with nourishing content! It’s a little extra work, but definitely worth it. Get your own email marketing plan here.

Video Marketing

Great, great way to build brand awareness QUICKLY! I found that even on my own YouTube channel that I get a lot of traffic to my sites because the videos catch fire quick! You can also build a brand on YouTube with great tutorials and product promotion, which you can monetize. . Keep in mind that images and moving pictures get more people’s attention than simple text.

Build a multi-platform system

Everything from desktop, laptop, mobile device, livestreams, infographics and videos. You should have a lot of these brands together.A lot of people are viewing stuff on television, laptop, and their phones at the same time! Yes, we are getting to that point where we multi-task with a lot of our technology. It’s important to have a presence on all of these platforms.

More attention to design

When it comes to design, it’s not only about the look but the feel of your site. Does your site feel comfortable to the point where people freely search and can find what they are looking for? Or is it a quite a maze to get through everything. Also, make sure you have a nice design, but don’t compromise for the speed of your site.

Killer content is always key

The content that gets liked, the content that gets shared, the content that gets searched is key to everything. Build your own trend to help you find out where the market is going and help yourself. Keep yourself relevant, unique, and fresh so you can tap into the search engine and media pages with a quiet storm that helps you build your own awareness and search.


Internet Marketing Trends For 2013


Making extra money by creating products (Zazzle, Cafepress, etc)


A new venture I’ve started is actually building my own t-shirts which I will probably turn into other items like bags, buttons, mugs, etc. However, I realized that the key to really doing well with making money online is diversity especially when you make your own products. I decided that since my cocktail blog is getting a bit more traffic now that the algorithms aren’t changing every four seconds and that my Pinterest followers are soaring up. I found out that maybe a certain niche I’ve been doing has a lot more appeal. The great thing about Zazzle is that it does not cost anything to make your products and they already give you a number of different shirt styles that’s setup. All you do is get your design together and they print it on a shirt. I’m still working on the promotion portion, but that’s something I can definitely see being lucrative in a very short time.

If you aren’t really an artsy person or you just don’t have the time. A good idea would probably outsource it to someone who can make a solid design for cheap. I use Fiverr to outsource a lot of my stuff whether it’s article submissions, good ways to get better traffic, amongst other little things. It’s very easy to use and gigs cost around 5 bucks depending on what you ask. It’s a good time saver because if you focus all of your energy into one thing, it’s a lot harder to make money. However, there are ALWAYS exceptions to the rules.

What really made me turn to t-shirts is I actually considered a career in Fashion Design way back when I was in high school. I always knew the power of messages and I always tried to be as creative as possible with the way I danced, dressed, and even how I write. It’s a part of me. Making money is great, but what is your purpose BESIDES the money. This is a very fun thing to me and I think I’ll be able to profit off of it down the road.

Does the new MySpace have a chance to compete with all other social networks?


Of course, Myspace was the king at one point when it came to social networks. You could have your own profile and post your own pics, and it was great for musicians because they could post songs without having a separate download link or having to get on a different platform to put songs on their profile. It made it a really great way to monetize and promote especially when it came to merchandising, concerts, and more.

MySpace fell off due to the fact they just put way too much on there, way too much focus on customizing your profile, a lot of crazy graphics, and the functionality just went WAY down. What made Myspace cool is that you could add a bit of touches, but you had your own profile and music EASILY embedded which gave you a really cool personality. The new MySpace just a bit over a month ago. It has a much cleaner interface and it helps you connect with people in your area, with like minded interests, and you can still go to your favorite music and movie profiles. With Facebook at the helm, Twitter at a close second, and still people lingering on Google +, I wonder where does that leave Google?

In a lot of cases, I feel like MySpace is a bit behind the curve and should have fixed their problem about 2 1/2 years ago. It was really around that time, they started seeing this major downfall happen in their market. I mean, Justin Timberlake definitely has a stake as a partial owner as well as a creative director, but I wonder is that really enough to bring back the appeal of MySpace. As far as I’m concerned, I’m looking at it from an SEO/Marketing point of a view. Before I really got into blogging like that, I know I had nearly 1,000 MySpace friends. I think a lot of people have moved on from MySpace, but if there are some major things that it can come up with such as a few strong niches or things these other social networks do not possess, they might have some hope. I guess we will see, right?

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