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Doing what you love vs Making Money on your blog!

Posted on October 01, 2012 by John K

Love vs Money

Now, this is where things get tricky. I know Making Money 2 Blog is the title of this blog. However, the concept for me was not solely a profit. It was a way to find a release and a relief. I constantly have arguments or some quarrels with people talking about “You Blog? Do you make any money? How much?”. Or I get the other people that just want to get into blogging SOLELY for monetary gain. I get a question like this, “How do I get started with blogging so I can make money?” That really pisses me off. Of course, we have to have balance. I would still blog, but probably wouldn’t as much if this was not a viable means of creating a form of income. However, it should be much deeper!

Content is key!

Yes, I’ve said it numerous times before and I’ll say it again! Here’s why! If your content is horrible, unenthusiastic or serves no purpose, guess what? You won’t make diddly squat! Why? Well, how can you make money if no is viewing your content. How do you make money if advertisers don’t like what you post and can’t see the type of value it has from just visiting your site and reading a blog? Likewise, what if no readers show up to your site or very little do and the bounce rate is high. That says something there. What you need to do is find balance!

Balance on the time table

Now, I host a number of blogs. Some of them make money, and some of them will make money. I have to properly allocate my time to see which ones are really bring in the money and which ones are on the verge. I put more focus on those that are and then put my time into those that aren’t right now. When I get a blog up to a certain point then I can focus more on the ones that are struggling. Maybe develop more and richer content or just put more money into the look and get some great guest writers to build up the link juice.

Passion is EVERYTHING!

If you aren’t putting in the time, the love, the care, and sweat/tears and INVESTING in your product! DON’T EVEN CONSIDER BLOGGING OR MUCH LESS ANYTHING ELSE in life that you think you want to achieve. I spend hours and I mean hours a day blogging on a number of topics. I’ve spent at least a $1,000 more into my blogs whether it was webhosting, buying products, getting writers, getting SEO, etc! If you really have the desire you will sacrifice time, energy, sleep, and money to really get it going! Trust and believe! Just do it! Don’t talk about it, be about it! Point. Blank. Period.

On a personal account, I’ve learned that the successful ones are not the ones out for the fortune and the fame (USUALLY), but those that try to come up with the best product that can actually help people or build a following just because they simply enjoy and build a rapport with an audience. I’m still well on my way to getting there, but I feel I’m making great steps toward that accomplishment. Once you have the people believe in you then the money follows as a byproduct.

I’ll be real. Money is needed..just get a job or a stable source of income…however, if you want your job or career to be something else….make sure you stay up on your love and it’ll get to a point where what you love will make you income. Trust me. It can happen!

Make your passion become a career with time and effort! Thanks for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! More Making Money 2 Blog strategies to come!

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