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Is it worthwhile to set up a business phone number if you are a sole trader working from home?

Posted on March 14, 2013 by John K

One of the things to worry about when setting up a business are costs. Whether you want to maintain an online business or a small business, a business phone is a very smart investment. Having your own 0844 numbers would be a great long term purchase so you do not fall in the trap of having a big phone bill due to long distance calls. Not only that, this could be very good in recording your phone calls. It’s a great way to find better methods of dealing with customer service. You can measure the effectiveness of your phone calls, length, how well you answer questions, and more. Also, you can divert it to your calls to a mobile phone in case your are on the go or out of town. Using this service will actually increase your revenue and you can put it in different areas of your business to cut down on overall costs. By having a great response rate, you will gain more customers and find ways to keep your customers in case of any problems. This will give you a great advantage of your competition who might have a similar business. Use this phone service to attract customers outside of your area and help your business flourish!

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