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How to Find a Good Family Attorney Online

Posted on January 17, 2013 by John K

Finding a good attorney for any case is not an easy task. And when you are fighting in a family court, then the result of that case can affect you and your loved ones. In order to make your case strong, you need to look out for the best possible option when hiring a lawyer. These days there are various sources through which you can look for a family lawyer. You can either ask a friend or a family member to refer a good family lawyer to fight your case or you can check out advertisements posted in local newspapers. However, nowadays the fastest and easiest way to look up a lawyer is to check out online. However, one has to be very careful while finding lawyers online.

1. Making use of the search engines to find local family attorneys:

A search engine can help you long way when you need to find family attorney. A mere enter and click can get you a list of local lawyers. You can get contact information of these lawyers from the net. Usually, many lawyers as well as law firms have their independent websites. When you search for family lawyer on a search engine, links to such websites will pop up as the search result. You can get an idea of the experience, success rate, and other basic details of the law firm/ lawyer from these websites.

2. Making use of the online resources that have been provided by the American Bar Association:

The American Bar Association provides online resources so that clients can seek out family lawyers. These resources provide essential information as to whether the lawyer has been involved in any disciplinary issues before, whether any of his/ her previous case had any feuds etc. Also you can look up for pro-bono lawyers. The pro-bono lawyers will assist you with understanding your case better and they will also make you familiar with the various laws connected to your particular case. These lawyers provide every possible assistance possible.

3. Making use of an online lawyer locater service to find a local family attorney:

There are various websites online which serve as locater to find lawyers in a particular area. It is important to find a good local lawyer because the lawyer will be familiar with local laws, legal nuisances, and way of proceedings in that particular jurisdiction. These locater are usually interlinked to individual websites of different family attorneys or law firms which deal in family courts. Some of the locater websites also brief you about the experience of various lawyers.

4. Making use of the interactive service between lawyers and clients

There are certain online forums which provide a platform where more than one family lawyer can interact with the client. The client gets the luxury to discuss his/ her case with different lawyers before settling down on one. However such online platforms are not preferred by many nor are they highly advised because it is very risky to discuss confidential issues (legal or family issues) with different lawyers at one time. It leads to disclosure of crucial details.

5. Referring online advertisements

Similar to the advertisements posted in newspapers and yellow pages, many lawyers and law firms post their advertisements online. You can refer to such ads in order to choose a family lawyer. These advertisements however will not inform you about the lawyer’s success rate and his/ her capabilities to handle family cases in the court. For that you will need to arrange a personal meeting with the lawyer on your own. A personal meeting is the best way to judge the lawyer. You can also clarify about the fees that the lawyer/ law firm charges for a family court case in the personal meeting.

6. Post an advertisement online yourself

You can also post a ‘requirement’ advertisement on the online lawyer-client portals. You can very briefly describe your case, your location, requirements and post the advertisement. Once the lawyer contacts you, you can talk out things further. You can specifically ask for a pro-bono lawyer in the online ad as well.

These ways will help you in finding a good family law attorney online. Once you choose the lawyer, you can arrange personal meeting with him/ her in order to discuss further formalities and details of the case.

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