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How does your blog traffic play a role in affiliate sales/high bids for ad clicks

Posted on March 08, 2013 by John K

Blog Traffic Sales

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When it comes to building a blog, traffic is one of the most important if not important parts to bringing in visibility and more importantly sales/clicks your way. However, you want the type of traffic that targets a certain audience (your niche). I bet you’re asking right now “What are some ways I can optimize my traffic?” Well, it’s your lucky day! I have some answers:

Targeted traffic

Of course, there are numerous ways to build your targeted traffic, but this has proved most successful for me within the past year.

LinkedIn Boards

This is a good place to start to be honest. There are a number of groups like LinkedIn SEO and SEO/SEM which will help you get traffic to your site. By engaging in the conversations and promoting your posts with a certain opinion or ideas, you’ll find that you can actually develop great traffic and discussions that will help you create future posts.


There are tons of site forums you can get backlinks from and even promote your products. You can also set up joint ventures where you find someone that has a great product and you promote to your own subscriber list. It also gives you an idea of what types of things really bring in traffic and sales. Use these forums to your advantage.

Using the right mix of keywords

This another good way to bring in traffic from the search engines. Whether you are promoting a specific product or creating a blog post with the potential of promoting something, good keywords definitely help you get the extra edge you need to get your search engine recognition. Also, keyword density does help with your traffic a bit. Don’t bombard your content with keyword after keyword. Let it be more natural and flowing so the search engine spiders captures your keywords with your relevant content. The keywords should be terms that help bring more focus on what your topic is about. Nick’s Traffic Tricks has a great article on ideal keyword density.

More attention to Google Adsense

When it comes to Google Adsense, you want your content and traffic to be at a good level. Typically, if you are not getting at least 500 to 1,000 visitors, don’t expect your Adsense income to be up there. Remember, Google Adsense should only supplement your monetization efforts. However, if you get a decent amount of traffic and your content is solid, you can actually get some well paying clicks. Think of Adsense as web real estate. The better your content and the better positioned your ads, the higher pay you will receive. Also, realize that some niches perform better and at different times. You want Google to focus your content in a way that the most relevant ads show up to entice people to click on their own free will. I noticed that on my cocktail site, text ads perform the best. Not only do I get more clicks but better payouts for the clicks. Take that into consideration.

Dominance and awareness

How do you dominate over your competitors? Do you have more information, do you have a different angle? Also, are people more aware of your blog because the amount of followers, YouTube subscribers, and your engagement in specific niche communities? You have to put in the work to have all of these different avenues create a cylical motion of traffic for your numerous mediums. This not only relates to bringing in traffic, but the length of stay and the activity also counts.

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