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How to use Twitter more efficiently to promote your brand 0

Posted on March 29, 2013 by John K

Source of pic: Power Advocates

Are you on Twitter, but still not really sure how to use it efficiently? Well, good for you because I’ll break down some tips to help you on your Tweet game!


How much time should you spend on Twitter? Well, that all depends on your audience. What times during the day are they most active and attentive? You’ll learn that as your really start engaging with your audience. As you build more followers, you’ll realize how you can be of most service. Typically, you’ll want to tweet during the morning, early afternoon, evening, and of course – primetime. Find out what people are genuinely talking about around this time and really learn to pitch your stuff. Once you start allocating your time better, you’ll find that you have more opportunities to do other things.

Retweet Relevant content

If you are doing a blog site on Internet Marketing, then retweet things related to your niche. Maybe write a small response to the person that tweeted. Nothing says interesting than a nice engaging convo even on a micro based site such as Twitter. They’ll more than likely be enticed to share your information and give you a shoutout. Due to their particular demographic and the type of stuff they just retweeted, you may get some followers because you share similar interests. Who knows? You can even set up a joint venture of sorts to get some income.

Your profile picture/profile

A lot of people sleep on this particular element. Don’t you know that you are marketing yourself with your profile? Having a great logo to represent your brand will draw in more initial attention then simply having that egg in place. People will associate you with something tangible. Also, it’s good to have a picture of yourself so that people can see that you actually a living and breathing human rather than a spam bot looking to solely promote a product. Also, in your profile you tell what you do and you actually post a link. What’s the point of all of that traffic to your Twitter without promoting what you are all about? It’s the perfect introduction for brand!


This is tricky because there are people out there that will follow you then unfollow you just to get their followers up. However, find some people you really enjoy and follow them. Not just for the sake of following them but to actually engage and build a relationship! This is how you actually develop long term followers. There is value in both parties.

Mobile App

One of the greatest things about Twitter is that since your messages get straight to the point, using Twitter mobile is really your best bet! You can link your accounts to Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and more. You don’t always have to be at your laptop or desktop all the time. You can really be active with your followers while you have a small rest time in between your busy schedule. There are apps out there such as Hootsuite that will post to your multiple accounts at designated times to not only save you time, but help you to get the most of your content reception. Definitely take advantage of this feature!

Getting acquainted with Social Media will help your business thrive. Twitter is a great start.

Promises To Stay In Touch Are Easier To Keep With Social Media 0

Posted on March 04, 2013 by John K

You are out for a night on the town, and you unexpectedly lock eyes with the person of your dreams. The night ends and you go home with thoughts of seeing him or her again. What is the next step to take?

Make that call

It is not as simple as swopping phone numbers anymore. In the old days, you would happily exchange your digits, and then, depending on the flow of the conversation the night before, one of you would make the promised call within a day or two.

But today, where do you start? Should you text, Facebook, email or actually phone? Texting is very convenient and casual, but it could be seen as the more cowardly approach. Broadcasting your intentions on Facebook might not be appreciated, but sending a private Facebook message might be more suitable. Poking would definitely be inappropriate.

The question is: are all of these routes a bit too impersonal?

Maybe, but they’re probably not as impersonal as a quick tweet on Twitter.

Then again, the cyber route does take the potentially awkward, uncomfortable silences out of the equation. And, you get to meditate on what you’re going to say so that you can come across all witty.

The choice is yours

These days, we can choose how we wish to stay in touch with our family, friends and casual acquaintances. It’s almost like having different personalities for each method through which you choose to communicate.

That’s because the style of language and the tone used for each social platform are different.

Remember the good old fashioned letter sent by post with a stamp and envelope and all that. You actually had to walk to the post office and put the letter into the post box. Then you had to wait a few days for the letter to get to the recipient. The recipient might take a while to check his/her post box, and a little longer to get round to opening the letter. Even then, you would not know if the recipient’s actually received the letter; not until he/she writes back or phones you with feedback. This is not at all like the kind of instant communication to which we are presently accustomed.

What are the new rules?

There aren’t any. You make it up as you go along. Think about text messages and new approach to spelling that is the result of character restrictions (an approach to spelling, by the way, which has infected every other form of writing).

Think of Facebook messages; not too many rules apply, but you definitely won’t see any formal language (unless you like Charles Dickens’ page).

Twitter has a different feel to it. Like texts, your tweets need to be kept short, but it’s not purely a method of communicating. It’s also a platform for expressing your views on a more public domain than one-on-one texting and even Facebook sharing.

Whichever way you choose to communicate, make sure that you do stay in touch.

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Tess Holland writes for Mediatorr Digital Marketing, which specialises in search engine optimisation and a range of related digital media services.

If Twitter, Google, and Facebook were invented in the 80s…. 0

Posted on April 08, 2012 by John K

Hmm. Process that for a hot second. Think about the technology back then..if someone truly came up with an idea like that for that time period, I really think we would be riding around hover cars like in the Jetsons. LOLOL. I really wonder how social networking would be like right now if the technology was that far advanced to the point where we could truly communicate with each other (vocally) than in person or on the phone, you know? These are some pretty cool videos. We all know the value of social media/networking nowadays, but you have to really credit the start of this in the 1980s when home computers really became accessible. This is all hypothetical, but at the same time interesting. However, if you want to check out my Twitter, Facebook, and Google posts be sure to get some valuable information from them that will help you on your question for your making money mission! Enjoy! Check out the videos below:

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