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Using creative or shocking images to increase sharing appeal (sexy images)! 0

Posted on October 22, 2012 by John K

Tehmeena Afzal Body Paint Giants

^Sex appeal, right! See that beautiful photo with Pakistani model, Tehmeena Afzal, in the New York Giants painted on fit? Pretty dayum hot, right? Sports and a fine woman.

Hey, everyone! Happy Monday or lack thereof =P. Haha, just poking fun! We all know about the Manic Monday syndrome. At any rate, we are going to touch on a very interesting topic and that’s really interesting pictures. Picture based content is probably one of the best ways to really get the sharing incentive rolling by. There are a bunch of really cool images out there whether it’s sex appeal, humor, a powerful message, or something insanely out of this world where people just gravitate to just for the weirdness factor.

The funny thing is I actually have a post I did a while ago that drew in quite a bit of attention if I do say so myself. I would not be surprised if this one has an equal or greater affect!

The question is why do we love images so much? Let’s break this down.

My first answer is that images are POWERFUL. Before the words, before the content, the thumbnail is the first thing we see normally on the search engine or a social place where we post. If it’s a really cool or sexy image, obviously you draw in someone’s attention just off the bat! Image this power on a social network. A place like Facebook has edge rank and obviously with a enough likes on a particular image, you are going to dominate other pages. Your photo will become the focal point at the top of the news feed. Check out my post on Facebook Edge Rank to really get abreast to what that truly means.


Now, a meme is like an inside joke with either a person that correlates to the topic or something that’s very popular in pop culture. Let’s take this image below for example:

Drunk baby meme

Now, obviously this little guy is not drunk. Might be on his way to sleep, but the message is funny simply because he is a baby. A baby cannot say the alphabet and of course, to see if you are drunk, officers perform a series of tests! With that being said, this is a funny meme that people can relate! Humor is a great way to lighten someone’s day. Everyone is looking to get a good laugh to take them out of their element for a few minutes. Also, remember no drunk driving and be a responsible person of LEGAL age to drink! Check out my Great Cocktail Recipes blog (shameless plug =P).

The most popular places for memes are Tumblr and Facebook. Guaranteed, you’ll find some interesting ones. That get spread like wildfire, which brings me to viral power.

Viral content spreads through social networks very easily!

One way is having the embeddable links. You can create an Infographic which says a lot of cool and random facts all in one go. The picture looks like a cool collage so a lot of people will opt to search it. It looks great on blog posts and is very beneficial. You could use it on Pinterest and match it to a certain category. You can post it on Tumblr and watch people comment, heart, and reblog your post to MILLIONS of people.

Also, if you have a motivational quote, these usually get spread very well too because everyone needs some form of motivation whether they admit it or not. If it’s something that a person can relate to whether they believe it, going through something, 9 times out of 10 – it will be shared!

Additionally, spacey things such as astrology, astronomy, and spiritual images are REALLY popular on Tumblr. A beautiful background says a thousand words!

Sex Appeal

Probably one of the greatest factors for sharing. You get a sexy woman or a person with sex appeal – guaranteed viral power! I don’t even know how many repins I’m still getting off this one image of Somaya Reece. LOL. Now, image combining sex appeal with a sport or something. You get two different audiences right there! One for the sport, and one for the person that likes the woman!

With all of this being said, I just wanted to help you get even more traffic just by having the image correlate to your post. Remember that! Now for a little treat! Some sexyness from Miss Meena (Tehmeena Afzal) herself!

Ways to kick Google Panda and Penguin’s butt! 0

Posted on May 08, 2012 by John K

Panda Penguin

^Cute, right? I think not!

By now, you are wondering how in the hell am I going to get around Google Panda? I bet you are also thinking “So much of my traffic is Google based, but it’s becoming harder and harder to get my traffic back to the way it was because Google is butchering my posts, and making them rank less and less.”

Well, here I’ll provide you with a few of the ways I’ve been coping with Google Panda and Penguin. Hmm, are both of them together supposed to be Kung Fu Panda and the Ice Age? Well, I don’t know. LOLOL.

Guest Posting

Yes, you’ve heard me say this numerous times, but I’m getting more and more e-mails for guest posts! You really have to think about it with this one, though. If the exchange is mutually and equally valuable, by all means do it! Don’t post on a site that’s not reputable or at the very least not on the same standards as yours. Likewise, don’t let just anyone post on your site with a crappy article and crappy site, only to leave you in the dust later. Having a good guest post or a good guest contributor keeps people on your site as well as gives you free visitors. Free in the sense of not having to work hard to get them because you post a link back to your site in your guest post! You develop a relationship with other bloggers and site owners knowing they can come to you for great content!

Blog Commenting

It’s a very old tactic, but with the search engines starting to become obsolete for link backs to your site, it’s a must! The more engaged, the more valuable the content, the better chance you have of increasing your viewership! It’s really that simple. Make smart, engaging conversations with a link back to your site, and trust me – your traffic will go up exponentially if you regularly put in the work!


Yes, you’ve heard me say this countless times, but I will repeat it again! Build your own social empire or at the least social community. Don’t just leave it up there to fester in the dust! Engage, review, share, reply, comment; all of that!

YouTube VIDEOS!!!!

If you are going to have a YouTube page, post videos, share related videos, and keep your audience engaged. When they comment on your page for questions, make sure you respond! Put yourself in the video, so the person can see you are a human! That’s one of the most powerful things of YouTube: putting yourself in the content! It’s one thing to have text, but it’s another thing to see your personality, the way you think, the visual aid of expressing your ideas! That’s important especially since over 85% of the world goes on YouTube to look at videos! When you have a visual and sound aid, it makes people more attentive! They are more engaged and interested! Then when you comment, make reply videos to certain questions, it shows you are LISTENING to your audience!

Tweet my Twitter!

Yes, this is where you can really get personal. You can get directly in contact with your people, respond, reply, and direct message! You can get right to your point and then take the dialogue elsewhere if you want to get into deeper conversation! With the power of creating an eye popping title as well as creating hash tags (keywords), you really learn to get your message or send a link to your message out well. When you have a set amount of loyal followers, guess what they do? They retweet, they share, and repost! And take a guess of who sees these retweets; their followers do!

Facebook me!

Facebook is still a powerful tool. Even though there are a lot of changes that have happened in the past year, some of these changes are good for the people that do online business! Well, one thing I must mention is Edge Rank. It’s a very powerful tool if used correctly! For example, if you have great pictures! Use the captions, send the link back to your site! You never know if your story can be at the top or near the top of the news feed for your Facebook Friends! The right picture and the right message can work wonders for you! Fan Pages are also good, you can have a great dialogue between you and your followers!

Tumblr and Pinterest
I don’t need to get too far into these, but if pictures are your thing – do me a favor and get well acquainted with these site. You never know how a reblog or a repin can send your site traffic through the roof. Trust me. It’s happened to me on NUMEROUS OCCASIONS!

I know this a bit long, but I really wanted to help you guys out to diversify your traffic. It really seems like that’s the way the world is working now. Diversifying EVERYTHING! You can’t just to stick to one mantra. If you aren’t great at something, at least be good at a multitude of subjects!

If you want to see my very in depth post, check out my Hub on Hubpages!

Tricks with Tumblr and Google Groups to get PR6+ backlinks! 1

Posted on October 21, 2011 by John K

make money with your web site

I stumbled upon this in my e-mail the other day, and I’d have to say it’s rather ingenious. I’m always looking for ways to get great backlinks without much effort or much money involved. For those starting out with blogs, you’ll definitely get some great ranking with this. After implementing this, I got a bit of a boost in traffic today, so why not share with everyone else?! Everyone needs a freebie every now and again =).

There’s actually a way to use Tumblr to help bit great backlinks. Simply create a Tumblr account…make sure you activate and all that…then when you go to create theme, create it. After that’s done, you can go to settings and then go to a part where it says customize domain. All right, this is the interesting part. Put your actually domain name (no http://) then .com or .net or whatever your domain belongs to at the end. Once that’s set up, do a search on Google with a simple: “liked this” kind of posting. From there, you can check the page rank of the top ones to ensure you are getting high level backlinks. After you find the specific tumblr, click on heart symbol on the tumblr page, so you can like the post. Refresh a couple of times to find that your tumblr liked the post, and click on your name to see the link to your actual webpage!

Here’s the link with a video of how to do exactly that!

Source – SEO Experts Academy

Another good way to get links is for indexing purposes. While it’s not necessarily a Page Rank, the authority on these types of links will definitely boost your sites ranking mighty quickly. Have you heard of Google Groups? Well, there’s a way to get into that as well. Remember many times how I told you that Blog Commenting or Forum Commenting is a great way for backlinks. Well, Google (Yes, the invisible hand) has groups and of course the priority with these is outstanding because it’s a Google associated search. First thing to do is to go to Google Groups . After that you can look at the different categories and see if one of the categories fits your niche. This is an excellent way to build backlinks that relate to your site. Then type in the Google Groups search: “your niche – whether it’s gaming, social, science, etc” and “1 of 1″ My niche is blogging so I would type this “money “1 of 1″ (no quotation mark is need before the niche name). I’m directing my search to a specific group related to my niche and making it a first page topic. After you find a site you like, sign up for it! Comment on the forum, and make sure it’s related to the topic and helpful (like you are engaging in it, and just spam). A good note from the video I watched is to actually leave your site link in the signature a few days after the post.

I hope this helps! Check out the link to the video below:

Source – SEO Experts Academy

make money with your web site

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