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My Personal Experience with MegaLinkStore 0

Posted on October 13, 2013 by John K

Like many other people, I have been attempting to get my site ranked for specific keywords for quite some time. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon MegaLinkStore that I actually had any results. In essence, is a link building product which helps to improve search engine rankings through building links. is different from its competitors because it builds links slowly and has many kinds of links. This is very important because it makes it look much more natural.

Some of my favorite things about include:
1. It builds links slowly.
2. It has many different kinds of links.
3. The customer service was excellent.

I would definitely suggest this product to anybody who desires to improve their search engine rankings. For more information about this fantastic product, click this Link Building Service website link.

Why is web hosting one of the most crucial elements to a blog or site? 0

Posted on November 28, 2011 by John K


Picture your blog with a terrible host. Cheap services, bad prices, etc. Now, picture your site with the opposite effect? See where I’m getting at.

Finding the right kind of host is like putting together the perfect sandwich with all the ingredients. It’s a terrible experience when you finally do have a great domain name, know what to do with your site, and ways to market it, but without the right kind of host, your site will falter.

You want your host to give you fair prices per month or per year depending on your budget. Here are some things to look out for:

1.) Flexibility – what kinds of things can you do with your hosting? Can you do domain add-ons, have a email list, etc.

2.) Services – what does this web hosting offer that others don’t. Maybe you can get a custom theme for your blog or site, built in SEO, a static page, etc.

3.) I.T. or Service Administrator – one of the most important things is to find out in case your site slow downs, crashes, or some crazy error happens, what can you do to fix the problem? Normally, there is a 24/7 staff in case you run into any problems.

4.) Pricing – what is my budget, what kind of things do I need for my site, and how do I go about doing them. Maybe I can get some discounts for being a new customer.

5.) Credibility – always try to find other expert bloggers that use certain services. Maybe one type of hosting is better for a Tumblr site. Maybe another one is better for a Blogspot or a Wordpress site, you never know.

When you find the right kind of hosting that goes well with your domain, it’ll be so much easier to do the inner workings of your site, and you’ll be update to date in no time. The host I’ve been using consistently for the past 2 years is Hostgator. I’ve never had any problems with this host at all. It’s dependable, has solid speed, and the features are solid as well. Also, the I.T. is on point. I remember I had a problem at 1am regarding my site crashing because I accidentally miscoded something, and within 5 minutes of me sending a ticket, I got a reply back, and they went right to work! They found out my problem, and it was amended in a matter of minutes! Talk about top notch service!

If you are just starting out a blog and want to get on board with Hostgator, there is an EXCELLENT CYBER MONDAY DEAL! You can get 50% off all hosting services. Be sure to check that out! You can click the banners and it’ll take you directly to the homepage! Enjoy!

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