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Inspiration blog – Will Smith shares his secrets to success 1

Posted on May 23, 2012 by John K

I don’t know if I’ve ever posted this on the blog (maybe I have or haven’t) but this is something you really need to listen to if you are stuck. I think countless times in life we are bombarded with so many different issues, so many different things going, we tend to lose our focus. When we lose our focus, we over complicate things. Really, the message is very simple; take a listen.

My original intention of this blog was to focus on something that I feel a lot of people now are just really starting to find out about “Monetizing your blog, Making Money 2 Blog”. While I haven’t had the most tremendous success with my first blog (It’s making more money now) I believed in this idea. I showed you what I have learned and what I continued to learn in the hopes that you get some value. The hope that you learn something you haven’t. I’ve always felt that sharing information not for the return but genuinely loving what you do will amount to something greater than materialistic value. The value of investing in an idea, investing in people that believe in this idea is something that has far deeper roots then simply getting a buck.

I realized early on that this get rich quick scheme crap just doesn’t work. Even then, you have to put in the time and effort to get someone to believe you. The worst thing is afterwards they feel like they wasted time and money; that comes back to you in full. I wrote a status on my Facebook the other day saying, “Hard work does not go unnoticed. What you put into the world also comes back. *synergy” Of all the stuff we go through, the tough times, pain, agony, and failure – you create the foundation and the character to get to where you need to arrive!

I bet you are wondering now how this relates to blogging. Well, look at what Google Panda and Penguin is doing. Lots of people are focusing more on the value of their own content and making sure that these outdated posts can actually be relative to stuff going on these days! That’s really valuable right there! My original intent when I started blogging was to build a way to build residual income to help myself out with school loans as well as create the income needed where I didn’t have to pursue a 9-5. Now, I realize it’s much deeper; it’s beyond just money. The hustle, the need for valuable information, and creating a medium that genuinely helps people out – that is something that holds more weight than anything. As a by-product, people will call onto you, take your advice, buy your products, advertise, and make you the money that you need. That my friend is truly a blessing!

The sweat, the tears, the imagination, the dream, and the work ethic you put behind your own beliefs…that is powerful. If you have a positive and strong outlook no matter what deters you from keeping to your goal, you will indeed be successful. I know I have a long way to go, but it’s there. I see it, I’m conceiving it, and I’m on my way to achieving it! Take a look at this 10 minute video from Rapper, Actor, Producer, Entrepreneur, and Activist – Will Smith. Enjoy! Oh yeah, also check out my other blog from Will’s start to success on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Even now, he does a live performance of his theme song!

Amazon Affiliate does it work? Yay or nay?! 0

Posted on December 23, 2011 by John K

I say yay!! After having a bout with trying to get my Amazon affiliate links to work since forever, I found that you just have to be really creative with how you place your material. In the past week or so, I’ve made $12.64 on Amazon. It’s not much now, but it’s RESIDUAL income!

For me, I’ve always had trouble converting, I’d draw traffic to my page and people would click, but they wouldn’t buy for some reason. Now, I decided to change the mix up a bit. There are widgets on there that actually cater to the niche you want. For example, if you have a niche that caters to electronics then set up a widget where you have electronics. Also, you can find some deep sales which constantly rotate, so if there’s a really popular camera out there then put some of them on there with your Amazon Affiliate Link. Simply sign up for an Amazon account, then find the affiliates program and set it up. I’ll post a video below of how to get that going.

Once I got my widget together, guess where I placed it? On the top right! People are most likely to click there, and it stood out. You can have a setting where there are great deals for a number of ranges between 20% to 60%. People definitely want sales, and seeing as people are more prone to online shopping, it’s a great set up. The commissions aren’t the greatest, but it’s residual income and that builds! Need some proof? I’ll let the pictures do some of the talking for more right quick. Check it out:

timeline just a cool profile 0

Posted on December 23, 2011 by John K

Representatives from the social networking Facebook upon Thursday introduced in which activated around the world Timeline, which in turn wonderfully introduced within September with the once-a-year conference f8 inside San Francisco. While many revolutionary Change profiles about Facebook permits customers to incorporate info on your own life prior to precisely how this kind of social networking known. According in order to Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg available as brand-new report in the form of a period on the folks ‘tell the whole tale in a page. ‘ ‘Timeline exhibits all your latest activities, as well as when you are back in time, summarizes true you do inside life, ‘ this individual explained. Timeline each and every user can expand some time contracts around Facebook, regarding example, commences in the night out of birth. At any kind of time can add photos, movies and maps. At current the brand new search user profile can be voluntary, however like a organization spokesman said, in 2-3 weeks will be required. Facebook Covers Anyone whom determines to visit the Timeline, it’ll have 7 days in order to change and increase information prior to these people are able to discover others. ‘If you may wait, your own Timelinesa look automatically following eight days. Your fresh Timeline substitute your current user profile however the many content along with photographs will stay there, ‘informs Facebook. users have remodeled the design is much more in these pictures, whilst the superior to be able to the sort of title picture.

Timeline don’t able to use test model of the developers, however the open public features so far been available simply in New Zealand, which chose to get examined immediately after reasonably tiny population in which echoes English. Even for instance start but a majority of noticed that demonstrating right after a few months may have unwanted effects, for example that you could notice who was excluded from your close friends who and also when. Facebook Covers

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