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Build your rank and brand awareness by commenting on high authority blogs

Posted on February 28, 2013 by John K

Build Rank and Brand Awareness

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One of the top things to do that may take a bit of time and effort but very beneficial to you and your brand! Here are a few good tips to help you get that rank and awareness.

Instant Backlink Magic

I’ve said this once before, but Instant Backlink Magic is an incredible way to find blogs that relate to your niche. The great thing is you can also find out whether the links are do-follow, no follow, N/A, etc. You can find out if the blog you’ll leave a comment to is a high or low page rank. Leaving a valuable comment is a great key to help build your traffic up substantial. The more natural backlinks you leave on other sites that are viewed as an authority, the better you will be when it comes to Google Page Rank!

Finding Top Sites to write your comments and engage

Although, Instant Backlink Magic is an incredible tool to use for finding blogs to place your comment and link, you still need to research top sites to leave your mark. In the past few years of blogging especially in the making money to blog niche, I have found a few great sites to post material:

Lisa Irby

One of the best all around creating your own page and monetizing places to surf is Lisa Irby’s 2 Create A Website. This is one of the first resources I used when creating this blog. I didn’t necessarily take her format but I implemented some advice and took her knowledge of starting from nothing and building it into something. She is always giving great advice and her tutorials especially web tutorials give step by step analysis for building your blog. Also, check out her incredible eBook called Niche Website Success for even more depth detail to start from your own site and build it into an empire.

The SITS Girls

This is an excellent social site catered to the ladies on topics such as working from Home, Motherhood, Home Business, DIY and other topics correlating to the ladies. Although, I am a male on a female site, I always seem to find it interesting to look at what ticks for the ladies. It’s especially useful since women buy more technology than men. In the case of social media, blogging, and sites like Pinterest, you can see the role smartphone or tablet devices have in this sector. Women can also create guest posts and earning from blogging about product reviews and SITS Girls.


One of the Premier Sites to really developing your blog into a business site. Darren Rowse is the head of this site with a few blogs on Twitter and photography. He’s known as an authority and has a very high page rank due to the value and usefulness of his site. Everything from SEO, Money Making Tips, Affiliate Products, and even finding jobs correlating to blogs are all found on this site. I even used the Job Board a few times and managed to get hired for a couple posts. This tool is valuable! Use it!


This is definitely a key component. Page Rank is just not enough these days. It’s all about getting follows, shares and likes. Even Google is making this apparent as they tie another element of page rank called AuthorRank. Whether you are writing a post, a product review or something, how it does well on Google+ and other social sites will determine your author rank. For a lot of low level people that do not write great content or get the visibility, you’ll be simply lost in the sauce. Build your social media presence with viral content. Sharing other’s contents and tagging them or giving them a shoutout on Twitter is a great way to help build your brand awareness because 9 times out of 10 they will follow suit. Who knows? You may even get a partnership or a lucrative business deal in the mix.

Setting out hrs throughout the week

Another key element is setting out the time to really comment and create. It’s worthless to sit on your laptop all day long and just comment every and anything. Really try to find some places you really want to be part of the community and set maybe 20 minutes to an hour a day just commenting. Maybe a few hours in a given week. Whatever you do just keep it consistent!

If you have any suggestions or anything you want to add, please leave a comment below or email me. Maybe I’ll give you a shoutout in the next post!

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