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5 ways to keep your pimp hand strong with a mean Pinterest game

Posted on April 25, 2013 by John K

Pin up Girls

Source of pic: Forbes

I know what you are thinking. Pinterest? Pimp? What? I know the title is a bit raw to say the least, but hey, it caught your attention right? That’s the whole point! The concept is simple. I posted a blog a bit over a month ago and sincce then I have built over 150 new followers on my Pinterest account organically. The title is bold but the subject matter matches. Let’s dig into this crazy concept:

Show love to those who share the most

What followers really like and repin your post to build your brand awareness? When you find that out, you can see the following that person has so it can determine whether or not you should follow the person back. Normally, I follow the content that I really see as interesting or relevant to my own. Also, I try to see if the person has more followers or around the same amount. That’s how I know if I repin this person, the same will be done for me with the same kind of impact. As a Pinterest Pimp, you want the followers that will give the most value! You show more attention to those that do more for you. It’s all about building your traffic, your followers, and attention to your boards. This will turn out greatly for your own blog or vlog.

Use your top notch board as the lead girl

Again. What is your following like? Do you have more people into your fitness boards or more people into your recipes. Find out what ticks the most in people that peruse your Pinterest account. An easy way to find this information out is by seeing how many followers are attracted to your individual boards (not the total followers). These are two different statistics. See what boards and pins have the most likes and repins. Also, you can look at the search engine and see how well certain boards perform. When you start to realize a pattern, you can really give them what they want and desire from your content. It’s always great to mix things up, but find out your audience so you entice them to comeback for more!

Milk this information/lead in to your money posts

Once you have found out how your boards work, you can begin doing product placements to test the waters. Some have suggested Amazon Affiliates, but sometimes that won’t fly on Pinterest. HOWEVER! You can write a great review leading to your post with an Amazon affiliate link. A breakout picture and description might just do it! You can write a solid recommendation and use hashtags to optimize your posts. At the very least, it’ll build traffic, so you can make money through good CPCs on Adsense or other alternative methods.

Don’t hate; appreciate

Yes! This overused term applies to this here! If there is a board out there that you genuinely love and it provides value to you, don’t be afraid to just repin and like for the sake of it! I’ve gotten at least 20-40 followers just by repinning great material on my own Pinterest boards. You’ll find that you can get really great content! Find the source of the post you repinned and write a different position or your own spin on it. You can use the picture, but ensure you give credit. It helps build SEO power to your own blog! You’ll also find it’s great for image optimization so you do well on Google.

Pictures say 1000 words! Let it speak for itself!

If you have a pretty lady that just captures attention, wouldn’t others be attracted to her, too. Use pictures with vibrant colors and vibrant messages that everyone can relate to! This goes without saying. You’ll find that catch a lot more flies with honey than vinegar. Let the picture be the bait that reels your future prospects to your brand. Let the audience or your customers show you what they like to make things easier on you!

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