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5 ways to keep your blog relevant for the long term

Posted on May 01, 2013 by John K

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This goes deeper than SEO or search engine marketing. The hardest thing with any avenue of business is being relevant while still keeping your own identity. Here are few ways I still get money and traffic to my pages even after all the Google Panda and Penguin issue.

Relatable content

Content is still very important, but it’s not just your content, it’s what currently pops. You can get your ideas from a number of sources: the search engine, social media, forums, communities, and even certain newspapers/news journals. Always keep your eyes and ears wide open because the more close minded you are, the closer you will be to a defunct site. Being progressive yet still creative enough to be yourself is a wonderful combo that not many people can obtain.

Trending topics/inside jokes

You can always gauge pop culture and tie it in to whatever your topic. I actually got plenty of views using Hurricane Sandy as an example and also built more awareness and put a donation link (as well as donated). Tumblr and Instagram are two great places to share memes that deal with inside jokes as people will be receptive to like and comment on this particular content the most. Remember the Superbowl Incident where half the stadium lost electricity, there were some particular pictures running on Instagram and Tumblr that went viral.

Changing the format of your blog

Not everyone is as receptive to written content, so throw in some videos to help capture attention. In fact, you can create a channel strictly for your videos. Everyone loves tutorials, parodies, video logs. It shows a bit of personality, they get good visuals and they will want to ask you for specific answers to questions they may write in your comment section. Also, infographics are great due to the viral power and how easily embeddable it is on other sites. Use that to your advantage to create a visual edge to your content.

Post frequency

This is another thing because as we all know, Google loves FRESH content. If you are going to keep a blog then give your readers consistency. If you get into the groove of writing two to three times a week, then don’t let up. Ensure that you constantly stay hungry and inspired. Your readers look for to your content like it’s water. The happier your readers, the better off you are in this thing we call internet marketing.

Don’t be afraid to get other writers from time to time

It’s always great to have a new or fresh perspective on certain issues. This way you’ll ensure your content isn’t so dry or so conventional all of the time. You might get new readers or readers that do not always participate to chime in on a hot button topic. This will also ease your load due to not only the written content, but finding inspiration for future posts.

These tips will you find the inspiration to keep a relevant blog, but with your own input and your own creativity.

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