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5 ways to NOT depend on the Google search engine for traffic

Posted on October 21, 2012 by John K

No Google search engine

Google is definitely not playing around and I’m seeing sites drop in rank like flies (even one of my sites was doing really bad) after the Exact Match Domain and Over flow of ads above the fold. You can check out my blog post on Algorithms for what exactly has transpired lately. This is not a post bashing Google, but at the same time we have to think about diversification whether it’s monetizing or traffic. You should never put your eggs in one basket and by following Google’s search engine we have to remember we are playing by THEIR rules. They have the right to change it any way they see fit. Although, Google pretty much controls 67 percent of the search engine, remember that you can make money without directly using Google or using their search engine! Social Media and building a great community can be just

I took a most recent hit on my Cocktail website and I have not received over 300+ views in the past month. However, I think today I will be seeing at least 400+ views today all because I did some quick thinking by changing up my site to fit more of a Google mode and got more on social media/community vibe! Let’s break down these 5 ways shall we?


I’ve mentioned this time and time again, but I still think a lot of people are sleeping on the marketing power and just visual appeal that Pinterest can provide to promote your site. It’s a very powerful thing when you create boards with interesting titles such as Cocktail Recipes and you see a bunch of different drinks catered to the ladies. That gives you an idea of a certain demographic and what they want to read or see. Now, that Pinterest has a Mobile App, it’s even more powerful because you can spread your content along the board. Sometimes, what I’ll do is post it on Instagram then have it go to my Tumblr page and my Pinterest page with tags to help make searches a lot more targeted. A lot of people view this site as just for play, but the right image or message can help set you up for massive repins and comments! Remember, social interaction is becoming just as important as search engine/1st page dominance.

Video Marketing (YouTube, Vimeo, etc)

With a lot of these YouTube Marketers or YouTube stars out there getting millions of views for just their funny videos or really well done content videos, you would be a fool not to get a piece of that pie. In fact, a video I post on there is getting to the 33,000 view mark and that’s with LITTLE marketing. The right content, the right tags, can me it just does well virally. YouTube and Vimeo both have mobile capabilities. That’s something you should really become abreast to is “MOBILE”. 20% of all searches come from a mobile device. Remember that! Also, note that you can put your site link right in the description so you not only get views from your video but build link juice to your site! The combination of a video social media site with your own blog together can create a very great synergy of ongoing traffic.


I cannot even stress the power of Tumblr. In fact, you may want to read a few posts I’ve written describing Tumblr whether it’s for humor or just interesting photos, it’s something you need to get on ASAP! Great photos, a huge fan base of people, and the power to rank really well on the search engines and tag things: all of these items make for a potent place for traffic and backlinks on residual.

Email Campaign – AWeber

Stable followers = LONG TERM MONEY! While the search engine is a pretty volatile place, you have to really getting subscribers are the people that REALLY and TRULY value your content! A good way I’ve learned to reel in the bait is offering content that people can use! Yes, free content! There are a lot of places where you can get quality content for cheap, but I personally like Fiverr. They can simply alter the content to use it for their own site or even sell it or use it as free content to draw in traffic! It’s definitely the way to go! Aweber has to be the MOST solid place where you can use a great email campaign. I would go into details, but I have a blog post JUST for that, and I will be elaborating a bit later this week on how it’s actually done me really well on this site in the past 2 1/2 months I’ve used it!

Joint Ventures

This is not just limited to creating lists for both parties to selling one PRODUCT, but it can mean a few other things which I’ve experienced.

Guest blog posts – quality content especially free quality content is hard to come by these days. Both of you can get extra link juice whether you host your unique content on someone else’s blog or someone asks you to host something on your blog. Make sure that the content is RELEVANT to your blog otherwise you’ll just be docking yourself down in the rankings.

Paid Blog Posts – definitely a good look when you match the right stuff together. And you’ll enjoy some really nice stable income.

Networking – building a community of like minded people whether it’s a forum, a hub, or something. You’ll enjoy massive participation which can lead to traffic spikes and sales!

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