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5 reasons why you should setup your own online store using Volusion

Posted on January 30, 2013 by John K

Open a Store Now

It’s inevitable that once you set up your own online presence, you’ll want to build your own products and find other ways to monetize. You can use Zazzle to build your products or use Volusion, which is great for building your own physical web store. Here are five reasons you should start working with Volusion:

1.) Easy to use templates

It’s very easy to really show your site off by creating a killer design. Not good at HTML, not creative enough to set up your own theme? No problem because there are hundreds of ready made themes for your choosing. A great theme will be awesome just for attracting your clients, but the functionality is important for them to stay on your site.

2.) Showcasing your products properly

This is another thing. Whenever I’ve shopped online at a few places, I just can’t tell the quality. That’s the only bad thing about shopping online seeing the fits and the quality of your product. With the vZoom feature on Volusion, you’ll be able to zoom and get a good read on the product you’ll be enjoying. This is a pivotal part of “selling” your product. It’s the difference to your potential customer saying “eh” and “OOOO!!”. Guaranteed, this is a great last minute selling point.

3.) Great product options and photos

Not only do you want to have different products to cater to different tastes, but you want to actually cater to colors. Depending on the season, you want your female audience to have the right tones to go with the season and the body. This is a great thing to take into consideration. For a good preliminary research for what you think people may want, try using a place like Pinterest to find similarities and differences within your plans. The photos only had to it because you can select unlimited photos. Imagine posting that on the side of your blog to link to your online store or even Pinterest and others. You’ll build more viral attention.

4.) A better add to cart feature

Definitely a great feature because the convenience is there. It’s important to make things a lot easier for your customers. Even something as a moveable add cart instead of going back and forth helps to really make your customer search for more. Sometimes, we end up saying, “Hey, did I double click on a product? Where did this item come from?” With this feature, you can continue to search new items and see EXACTLY what products you add to your cart by minimizing and maximizing your separate cart window.

5.) A one page checkout

Another awesome feature! You have all the info you need on one page to make things easier. No confusion 3 or 4 page system. No this that and the third. The main thing about shopping online is the trust system. You are using your credit card or Paypal account, so there is always an issue of internet security. This is a surefire way to show that you are a safe site. You’ll convert more sales and you’ll build trust with your customers.

For more information on Volusion, check out this video below! Also, make sure you sign up and Try it Free

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