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5 advantages of promoting MLM while building a residual income through your own blog

Posted on March 06, 2013 by John K


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Hey, everyone! I decided to take a bit of a different route a way from the regularly scheduled program. A friend of mine actually hit me up through Facebook and actually wanted to get me onto a service. I was not really interested, so I declined in a respectful way. However, it did get me thinking about a possible post for those interested in Multi Level Marketing – MLM. I’ve always praised those that really hustled and found a way to build that connection with a group of people. However, I never liked the whole idea of hustling an idea or service in sort of an intrusive way. I cannot completely knock it because it does help a lot of people with their bills and it does bring a sort of entrepreneurial spirit Here are some advantages of using blogging as way to spread the news.

1.) Loyal fan base

If you’ve been blogging for a while and you’ve built a faithful number of subscribers, this may be a great way to really build an income. People are always looking for ways to help develop 2 or 3 different incomes that does not rely on a job. You can work at your own pace, you can talk to people that you’ll want to develop a business relationship, and other items.

2.) Bring traffic through the search engines

If you have a specific service such as an ACN or some other reputable brand, chances are that it does well on the search engine. Nine times out of ten, it will be searched quite a bit. If your SEO is on point, then you’ll be able to get a lot of traffic. There ar ea lot o people out there in the MLM world that still do not have a mobile presence. In fact, I read and retweeted from a fellow Tweeter, Rebecca Wolfe that 40 percent of U.S. small businesses still don’t have a web presence. This is really sad, but GREAT for you because you’ll level out the market with your content and keyword research.

3.) Using Social Media

I’ve seen pictures on Instagram, Pinterest, and of course posts on Facebook all correlating to MLM. It’s great to have an affiliate link, but with a blog you have good content. You can own a specific spot to really market yourself. You can show changes in the market and the particular brands you promote. With Instagram, you can download pictures off your own fan pages or blog and post them right to your Instagram account. Use some good hashtags, an email address and website link to get even more traction to your brand. That’s a much smarter and effective way of doing MLM.

4.) Capturing your audience through video

Don’t just put a simple promo video that comes with the site. If you’ve had any real type of success or you are starting out by trying to build legitimacy then start off by doing vlogs. Talk about products you’ve actually USED! Talk about how you YOURSELF have saved x amount of dollars. Nothing captures your audience more than your own personal experience. Talk about connections you’ve made, your trial and errors. Post pictures of items you’ve bought and saved money on through your particular MLM. Explain how you’ve impacted others. Come up with strategies that can help others succeed! These types of videos build views and you can post a link to your own affiliate site. These vlogs work wonders and you can even link back to your blog.

5.) You save time, energy, and money

You won’t have to constantly drive to see the people you deal with and you put the time into setting up a web presence. Of course, you will spend some money by getting your own domain and this that and the third. But that’s less money on Gas or putting fuel into your car. Your words and videos speaks for itself and you build a bigger brand base because of the national appeal!

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