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3 major ways on how I made $100 using Google Adsense in 3 months

Posted on October 16, 2012 by John K

Google Adsense Money

Hey, everyone! Basically, I want to tell you how I made shorten the time it took me to make 100 dollars in Google Adsense. Mind you, my first payout took 8 months, but now I have found a few key ways to get that payout a lot quicker! Although, my Adsense earnings month have dropped a little bit as well as my CPM and my views on my Adsense niche sites, I’m actually still doing better overall than last year! Here are a few tips that I’ve learned along the way to help increase my earnings even during these unfriendly Adsense times.

1.) Regular and better content

I remember when I first started blogging I would write at least 3-4 posts a day on just one blog. The hunger was there, but once I started making a bit of money or certain things happened, it started to taper off. Not a great look especially with all of the algorithm changes and the requirements of fresh content! So, what I decided to do was really research and take my experiences and write about them! I found that even the negative aspects of my experiences have garnered a lot of views. Take for example when Google really put the smack down on my Playstation 3 site. I went from getting over 2000 views a day to a mere 200-300 views. It made me re-focus and start putting out better quality content. Quality content means more searches which can mean more clicks.

2.) Playing with the Ad Review Center

I’ve said this before but I realized now that certain sites perform better with more text based ads and others perform better with more image based ads. I highly recommend you change these every few weeks just to see what affects the ads have on your earnings. You can actually go in your Adsense and view the sites where you can see what types of ads are performing the best over time. That will help you get more of a realization of what you SHOULD put on your site and what you should not. A rule of thumb, some great areas to put ads would be surrounding your content. For example, above the content like below the title or above the post, to the sides of the posts like to panels on the left and right and one underneath if possible. That will definitely help you increase your earnings. Also, in text ads perform well on certain sites. You can get plugins where you can embed these ads in the middle, left, right or even top, center, or bottom of your blog posts.

3.) Diversity in knowledge and interests is key

I think this has honestly helped me greatly. Finding a cool number of blogs to put out there and just knowing the keywords and searches will hold up. It’s a very solid thing to do because you can focus on build more and more content. Whether you make some really great YouTube clips that you get paid off Adsense on your YouTube videos all the while sending traffic to your blogs. Or you have just a solid core group like 4-5 sites you know get some decent traffic. These will help you earn more than just primarily focusing on 1-2 sites. Even better is finding ways to thread or connect these posts together to have more blog visibility. That’s thinking outside the box.

The first time I got paid from Google Adsense was back in July after being on there since Nov 1, 2011. Now, after roughly 3 months or so I’m over 100 bucks (the threshold for an Adsense payout) and I expect to get paid mid to late next month! I have no idea what I’m going to use the money for but I guarantee it will go back to my business! Thanks for the read everyone! I’m going to also create a post about the most recent algorithm change and how that has affected my traffic! Also, I will get into how Google is really going crazy with these “spammy links” and the like! Check that out possibly later today or tomorrow.

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