New Year 2013


My question for every blogger out there is what types of goals are you looking to accomplish in 2013 and beyond. Are you looking for more short term goals or long term goals that will help you really take your blogosphere to the next level? I’ll post a few of mine:

1.) Fresher content (short term goal)

I’ve been a bit lax content wise on here for a bit because I’m focusing on other things, but my creative juices are flowing again (hence this post) and I really want to make a commitment to update this site with fresh and unique content of my own at least 3-4 times a week. This will help me not only post good and quality content that I can be proud of, but help me engage more in my site, my social networks, and keep me more within or above the competition on the search engines.

2.) Develop my own products (long term goal)

I took the initiative late last year to get a Zazzle store up and running for my Great Cocktail Recipes site. I’m going to start tweaking things a bit better and drawing traffic outsourcing stuff using Fiverr, of course. I’m going to really start formulating ways to help get some long term residual income. I’m glad I made a first step, but I’m talking products like clothing, mugs, ebooks, etc.

3.) Devote more time to writing better newsletters and provide better tips (long term goal)

Let’s be honest, for a person like me who just starting to profit decently everyday from blogging, AWeber is a bit expensive, but still very useful. I know down the road, it will greatly help me. However, I don’t have very many subscribers as yet because I literally just started in late July. Unfortunately, I lost a follower today so I don’t know if it’s because I have not update consistently or just found a better spot, but that encourages to become better at what I do. I’ll actually have a post up tomorrow about subscribers, so stay tuned for that.

4.) Become more active on my social networks (short term goal)

This is a bit easier, but it’s just I need to devote more time. I see that Pinterest has gotten me great results on my cocktail website because the huge traffic spikes definitely say something. I also found that these people are usually a female demographic and on average spend at least 2 minutes on my site. However, I want to engage more not only on Pinterest but on Twitter and LinkedIn. I just need to find a way to allocate my time better. At least 30 mins to an hour of interaction a day. I think that’s very doable, and I know it would benefit me greatly.

For now, that’s all I have on my mind. My question is what are your goals? How will you plan your attack to start achieving these feats? Happy New Year =).


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