Making Money off your PLR articles on Fiverr


This is some new territory for me, but it definitely works! I made 20 dollars this weekend in one day off Fiverr just by having some existing content I bought literally years ago! As we all know, PLR content is great for changing up and posting on your site, using it as a lead in to draw in traffic, create e-books, but now you can use it to profit off of a system such as Fiverr.

1.) Check out the Private Label Rights

This is pivotal because you don’t want something coming back to you and you get sued or tried. Normally, when you go about downloading your own content in a .PDF or Word document, there are a set of rules or instructions to help you utilize your content. They’ll tell you if you can use the content for either promoting your own stuff, using it as a lead in to draw in a list of subscribers, and/or use this content to sell for profit. Adhere to the rules and you’ll be fine.

2.) Promoting your gig

This is pretty simple because for one thing, you’ll be able to send out social signals to a number of places. They give you a Twitter share which basically shows what your particular gig entails with a link via Fiverr. On Pinterest, you can select the gig and it’ll come up with the picture as a way to get more feedback. People are a lot more attracted to pictures anyway and the viral power of Pinterest is incredible. In fact, I’ve written a great post about Fiverr and Pinterest. Please check it out on your leisure. Also, you can place a Fiverr widget right on your own blog to draw in traffic that way!

3.) Catering to different niches

You definitely want a catalog of different PLR articles to cater to different niches. For example, there may be people looking for a specific topic such as weight loss, then you can tie that into eating correctly, then from there you can even tie that into how to prevent certain diseases. This is a great way to stack upon your niches and your dollars. If you have articles about getting great Christmas gifts or ways to get leaner in the New Year, definitely post those up because you’ll get some great short term income by catering to these specific topics! Take note at the next piece of information, I’ll give you regarding Fiverr Extras.

4.) Make good use of Fiverr Extras

Now, if you have a lot of articles, you can easily divvy them up into sections. With Fiverr, you have the option of creating Gig Extras which is sorta like doing extra work to get paid more. What you can do is give someone 10 great PLR articles and if they want more on a particular setup, increase it by a different level. For example, I would put 25 workout tips then at the 10 dollar range eating tips, then 15 dollar range step by step process of what you should do, and even places to go. You see where I’m going? Use all of your content to your advantage by providing more value with each dollar amount!

I would put a tip 5, but it’s unnecessary! =). Have a great day.


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