What are your fears for the future of internet marketing?


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I thought of taking this on another level. With the events of Google Panda and Google Penguin back in 2011 and parts of 2012, it left a lot of people thinking what is wrong with their webpage? Of course, there are some simple and not so simple answers to this question. However, I want to address some issues and get some real dialogue and conversation on here.

Google Algorithm

First of all, do you fear there is going to be another major algorithm update like a Google Panda or Penguin? I honestly believe this could happen. I mean, the content and what is valued always changes, so it’s better to adapt or completely find a new way of doing things before you get swept under the rug. This whole sporadic change and not knowing if your at the top or your blog has been swept down to the 57th page of Google is something that really gets under people’s skin like a tick. Change is inevitable so be prepared.

SEO Changes

Definitely a big one and probably the first one (had I not thought of those two furry, conniving animals =P). The changes in what constitutes good SEO is always going to change. That’s simple. What you can do is always research your keywords and find a healthy balance. I highly suggest you look at a post I wrote last Saturday on this great stream with Lisa Irby talking about these sorts of things in great detail. With anything technology based, things develop, move, and change a lot quicker. However, great content, keyword density, providing value will always be a factor in your SEO.

No alternative methods of finding traffic

The Search Engine is still the preeminent tool for dominating your competition, but it’s time to find alternative methods. A lot of people that lost tons of traffic relied SOLELY on the search engine. With so much competition, so much change, what are you doing outside of that bubble to really acquire more significant traffic. Are you building social media campaigns, are you well versed in forums, are you writing guest posts, providing valuable comments on related blogs, or setting up your own video marketing and podcasts? Think about these things as you start building your audience. I guarantee you’ll develop some quality traffic outside the search engine that you start to rank better in case of any page drops.

Bad Links/Spam

Stay away from building links where it isn’t natural. This also goes for building text links. Paid Text Links that do not even correlate to your site. Do your best to link to sites and give credit to great pages with authority. The more natural, great/quality links you have, the better you’ll get up there on Google. It’ll also help to build your legitimacy. The more spammy links you have, the worst your site does online. This means traffic and eventually dollars!

My last question: which one of these are you really afraid is going to change? What are your hopes for the future? What are your doubts? Please vote in the poll below and/or give a description in the comment box. Thanks!


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