Why is Facebook timeline so useful for your online business?


Well, besides taking a good look at the infographic below (sorry, it’s kind of small but when you click on it, it is much bigger – TRUST ME!), here are some of the things that make the timeline so useful for you.

Fan Pages – You can now highlight updates to the pages. Why is this useful for you? Well, there is a good program out there especially great for WordPress users that ties in the RSS feed of your blog or site to your fanpage. This makes it a lot easier to update. So, let’s say you just did a very keen blog post on your blog, but you don’t want to spend the extra time to place it on your own page. Well, the RSS feed does it for you. This way your important post will become the focal point and get great edgerank as people comment or event share your content.

Posting status updates or just information in general – unlike before where everyone sees your every post, you can actually dictate who sees your post and who doesn’t. Let’s say you have a social media post or something, you can better target your audience. It makes you look a lot less spammy, too. This way you get better interaction for those genuinely interested in your business, business topics, etc.

About Me – this is actually one of the first things you need to mess with. If you are developing a serious Facebook page, this could mean some serious business or traffic to you. You never know if your next business venture or associate could be on Facebook randomly looking through profiles or perusing what your page is about. Your About Me has room to put up a number of URLs. Use these to promote your sites, your products, or even information for what you’re about.


Instead of timeline taking over your life, use it your advantage to help really get your info out there.


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