How to make money with link vehicle


I’m sure by now you’re pretty tired of different places saying you can monetize using their services and only get paid a pittance for your services. Let me tell you Linkvehicle actually pays pretty decent and the payout rate is roughly $10. If you have a good blog with powerful ranking and recognition, you can easily get a payout monthly. There are different ways to go about your monetization efforts from LinkVehicle. Let’s go into how you get started on LinkVehicle.

How to Register

It’s quite simple to register with LinkVehicle. All you’ll need is good websites with great content and a Paypal account. You’ll get a email to see if your site’s clear for monetizing. It’s a very simple process. Once your site is ready, go ahead and begin diversifying your income!


Whether you write a review yourself or it’s pre-written, you’ll find you out that you can make money by creating good blog post. At most they are 200-300 words, and you can set your rate in the LinkVehicle dashboard.

Text Links

You also get paid for internal links, sidebar, and homepage links. The advantage is you’re paid upfront and monthly. You’ll get double the money!

Why don’t you start now and become an affiliate where you’ll earn more by referring others?


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