Using Google Keyword Tool to not only find keywords but trends in the market


One great lesson I’ve learned is finding quality keywords that provide sustainability. It’s one to find keywords searched for at the time, but its another when you find a trend in the market over at least a 6-12 month period. That ensures that there is some long stability in the market. Lets break it down a bit.

Finding a niche

Let’s say your niche is dealing with health. There are a lot of different facets of health to delve deep. We can pick something like Fitness. You’ll want to pick a specific area such as building muscle. You can tap at what body builders do to gain bigger muscle, you’ll be able to talk about eating the right foods. Also, you can talk about it from an MMA perspective which is dedicated to building lean and ripped muscle more so than anything. You’ll great ways to maximize your workouts, how to get lean, what kind of heavy interval training, etc. Do you see how that one niche can break off into some other subsets? Now, this is the next topic I’m going to talk about.

Going into a subset of niches
Once you found one niche, you’ll be able to find different things correlating to the niche and create mini blogs. Sometimes, you can set up a well optimized Adsense site using blogger or WordPress just for that specific purpose. You can outsource your content and have people write some really great press releases to help you promote your stuff. Once you build it up really well and find some great CPC rankings on Google Keywords, it’s much easier. You see when you find a great search volume that’s not too high or not too low, it’s a lot easier to dominate your market.

Using the Google Keyword Tool/Google Trends

This is a pretty slept on tactic now due to a lot of the algorithm changes. It’s understood, but you should still use it from time to time to help you find out your next move when it comes to dominating the search engine and finding a viable market. Using a service to help you come up with great keywords and finding out the Google Trends in the market can help you see whether or not it’s worth your time to even have a niche within that realm. Sometimes, you’ll find that a niche that was popular 5 months ago is not much now, but this is why you should spend a lot of that time building and finding your own main source of regular traffic that’s independent of the search engine. You’ll find that you fare a lot better that way as well.

Keyword Spy Tool

Once you are able to find some good keywords, see what you come up with on this particular engine. They give you a good average on what specific keywords do. You’ll find some good CPC that provide you excellent information on whether your niche is profitable. Take my Home Based Business Site for example or my 25 Home Based Business Tips site, I RARELY work on those, but they perform well on the search engine and when I get clicks from Google Adsense, they are usually at least 2-3 dollars for a click. Why? People bid really high on these particular niches because there are always people focusing on that.

Remember that diversity is the key and find a niche that you love to do that still represents well on the search engine.


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