Is Google SEO dead or rather paying attention to your social signals?


I have a simple question to ask you. Is Google SEO dead? I think not but it’s forever evolving. Sure, it’s rough dealing with all of the Google algorithm changes and keeping up with Google trends, but it’s almost as if you have to get on the next level before it’s reached. However, it’s a very hard thing to accomplish when these changes occur every few months and even weekly in certain cases. That’s why it’s so important to develop your own presence that doesn’t solely focus on keywords or a random search through the major search engines. Even RSO Consulting and SEO MOZ have great things to say about this topic. Here are some tips to really think about:


What does relevancy mean? In my own definition, it’s not just being trend but finding the balance between yourself and what’s going on currently. It’s your staying power. That can mean finding ways to expand your brand to tap into another demographic. That can mean developing a cause that stands to the test of time. That ESPECIALLY means that content you wrote YEARS ago still proves effective or you know how to adapt to ensure it’s prosperity. Interaction is relevant.


When you interact with people, it’s not just about selling a product. It’s about trying to develop a relationship of like minded people who can converse, solve problems, etc. That’s when you really start to prosper. Whether it’s organically growing your Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumblr Followers. Whether it’s building a number of connections through your LinkedIn account. It’s important to really seek people and build a relationship that’s natural to where they want to share your content and vice versa. Google also loves this interaction whether it’s commenting, creating forums, etc. Develop the value!


The value can mean answering that question. When you generally have an answer or at least a resource that can answer that question, it not only helps to give you more viewers; you develop a higher page rank as well. You see how powerful this is starting become? You are no longer catering to the search engine, but the people trying to find the answer to a topic you might touch.

Social Signals

Pretty much if you do not have any kind of social network, you are pretty much living in the Stone Age. Seriously, you need to reevaluate the way you are doing business. Get your hustle on and start Tweeting, posting on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. The type of traffic this draws in is a powerful resource that you can use outside of Google! In fact, it’s saved me quite a bit and even helped me with building a rapport that help me monetize better. Why? Your traffic is a lot more targeted. People are more willing to “like”, “repin”, or “retweet” just because it’s faster! People want information quick! Always make sure you have social signals on your site to help you get more exposure.

Web of Information

In essence, all of this is a web of information and interaction. The more information you have that’s relevant, fresh, and compelling, the more you’ll be able to have that type of dominance. Whether you are looking for recipes, affiliate marketing, and other products, your information needs to get you to a point where people feel they should buy a product or even click an ad from you.

What’s your idea about Google SEO? Is it dead? It Social Media reigning supreme? Please comment below or share! Thanks!


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