Google Adsense banned me! What do I do now?


Dun, dun!!!! Unfortunately, I got banned from Google Adsense a few weeks ago :/. I know, I know. Very sad, indeed. It took me nearly 2 years to get Adsense and just as I was starting to rake up a bit of money, it gets snatched away from me. Unfortunately, there are really jealous people out there that love to click bomb your site especially since they know you actually make money and beat out their traffic. It’s unfortunate, but luckily Google is not the only way I make money online. That’s why it’s important to always diversify your earnings. Remember, when I wrote that article about not depending on Google solely for your traffic? Well, the same idea applies to this particular ordeal.

Adsense Alternatives

Although, Adsense is probably the easiest form of PPC program out there on the market, there tons of programs that will help you monetize your blog via PPC, Ads, etc.


Definitely a great search engine friendly program that you can use to place in text ads and get paid for. If you have really content heavy sites, this is definitely great for you because it highlights stand out key terms people search online. Go to and get started with your monetization methods!


Great for targeting search terms especially locally. If you have a business that deals with local businesses and services, you’ll definitely reap the rewards off this one. Also, the ads can be very small or large (300 X 600) depending on the fit of your blog. For more details, check out

Hosting your own ads

This is a very effective way of bringing income to your site. If you get a lot of traffic, you can really put your own ads on site. Charge by the month, the position, and how you can convert your traffic into a good thing for your clients. You can create a banner for them and charge a bit more or do less work and have them come up with their own design. Measure your click through rate and find out a cost that works well with you and your client. Don’t compromise your worth too much just to make a quick buck. There are other sites such as Adbrite and Buy and Sell Ads that will find people to actually help you get the best of your ads. They will bid on it just like Google Adsense, but it’s worth much more.

Text Links

This is a tricky one. Google hates paid text links when it’s unrelated to your site. Make sure that the text links correlate well with your site. Contextual links might be a bit better because they are subtle and you can target your own posts that do well and match your own content. You don’t want any spammy links to devalue your site, so you should definitely work this out with you and your client. This will save you from things such as Google Panda/Google Penguin.

Sponsored Blog Posts

Definitely a favorite of mine. Guest posts are one thing, but you can always negotiate a personal post/sponsored ad into a blog post. You can get someone to write content and get backlinks and charge them for it. It’s definitely a great way to rake in a bit of extra money.

Affiliate Products/Your Own Products

This is an excellent way to monetize especially if you have the traffic to back it up. There are tons of resources out there such as Clickbank, Commission Junction, and Share-A-Sale that will greatly help you find products to promote on your site. Also, you can create your own products whether it’s actually wearable merchandise using a service such as Zazzle or creating your own online store by building an ecommerce site.

These are just a few of the ways you can monetize your brand without the help of Adsense! What are some ways you like to monetize? Please comment below!


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