Does Google Page Rank matter with Internet Marketing in 2013?


These days in the realm of Internet Marketing and blogging, it’s really hard to gauge whether or not Page Rank (PR) truly matters. While Page Rank is definitely an important part, it is not the end all and be all. I’ll show you why in the next few paragraphs.

Alternate Traffic Sources

One of the main things people found after Google Panda and Penguin is the need to find other methods of gain traffic. For some people, that meant stepping up into create an alternative medium such as Viral Video Marketing on a site like YouTube. You cannot simply depend on Page Rank and a 1st Page of Google to still be your only way of getting traffic. Never put your eggs in one basket. Also, continue to engage with your own audience and others in social media. It’s a really powerful asset that won’t go away anytime soon.

A drop in Page Rank does not necessarily mean a drop in earnings

Case and point. Last week, I earned a dollar click from my Playstation 3 Game Console Review site. The traffic I got on there was quite insane. I started that blog way back in 2009 and I really created nearly 8-10 posts on a regular basis. The problem is that so many people wanted to advertise on that site and I had a blog roll that looked EXTREMELY spammy. When the Google Algorithm hit, I went to a rank of PR 3 then it got down to PR2. However, I revamped the site and started to post better content and more focus on uniqueness while staying relevant. I just now started to get my traffic back, but I am actually doing a lot better Adsense wise. I’m much more knowledgeable and where my ads should appear and the types of ads that actually get clicks. I realized that in text ads actually perform much better on that site. It really comes down to your experience and what works and what does not work. Adsense is just one piece because there are a lot of affiliate programs and freelance writing if you are talented at writing/posting blogs.

Finding out a certain demographic and exploiting it

This is a real key right here for me! When I started using Pinterest, it helped me find out what demographic likes certain things just based off those repinned my post. For Latin people, they love Latin Based Cocktails such as Rumchata. For more mild aged Caucasians and Asian people, they are into curing health ailments with natural foods and things such as Green Tea. Things such as health and fitness will build a more targeted audience that does not depend on the search engine simply because it is that powerful! Even if you have a low page rank, your audience will be more enticed to buy from you because that’s EXACTLY what they are looking for!

Still getting high clicks off your Google Adsense and other alternative sources
Remember, there are always exceptions to the rule. There are a few sites I have that are at a PRO but still get a hundred or so visits a day. I know I’m going to update them soon, but the way the page is set up and the value of the information makes it great for high bidders due to the visibility of the ads. On my Home Based Businesses site I was able to get one of one clicks of 2-3 dollars! Yes, it’s possible. In fact, this month alone I have made double the amount of money I made in January and February of 2012 on Adsense! This is with less traffic, too! That says something!

To sum it all up, Page Rank matters! However, it is not the TOP priority as is just building a community or leads in of hungry people looking for your valuable information! Set it up in an easy and authoritative way and you can still do damage in Internet Marketing. For those concerned about Page Rank, check out my next post soon! Enjoy your Tuesday afternoon!


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