5 ways to monetize your youtube channel


Happy Monday, everyone! Today’s topic is an awfully popular one these days as more people are developing a YouTube presence! I even have a YouTube channel. The point is how can your YouTube channel be a great source of revenue?! Well, here are five tips to help you monetize:

Create a YouTube Partnership channel

A lot of famous YouTubers ala Tipsy Bartender, Jenna Marbles, and Alphacat, are always users that make a living through developing great viral videos. YouTube is a subset of Google and they have an Adsense program. YouTube is starting to become a home business for a lot of people. Why not get in on this? Also, it is a much easier way to get into Google Adsense. You can read my story about how I got into Google Adsense

Link to your online store

You can create videos where you are wearing a particular item from one of your stores. Sometimes, you’ll get a comment saying “Hey, nice shirt. Where did you get it?” You can simply respond by giving a link or having a description right under your post. Or you can post it right on your YouTube channel homepage. With a sites such as Zazzle and Volusion, it’s very easy to create your own items and set up your own online store. This is a way to monetize using your own version of product placement. Great views on your videos with your own product can be a way to make twice the income.

Promoting your own website

This is an indirect way to help build your Adsense revenue. If you have a good video that gets a lot of views, you can link back to your blog which may be able to explain things more in depth. OR vice versa. You can have a blog post which has your own video for further visual explanation. People may want to actual subscribe and go to your YouTube page to check out more videos. In either case, sometimes your potential customer or reader wants more information and you can entice them to get a product strictly from your site. This brings me to the next point: promoting your own/affiliate product.

Promoting your own product or affiliate product

Ecommerce is becoming bigger and better with time. There are a number of ways to monetize such as Commission Junction, Amazon Affiliates, and more! If you are in the internet marketing realm particular with site building, SEO, and the like – affiliate products from Clickbank and Commission Junction would be more of the way to go. Also, if you can produce your own product, that’s a lot better because you get bigger earnings. For more things associated with material such as technology, books, and more – Amazon would be your best bet. I’ve seen people use products that you can actually buy from Amazon. They post their affiliate link and can make some extra income right on their YouTube video! As a matter of fact, go to the right of this post as there are a number of great books to help you with your monetizing skills.

Set up your own campaign

If your efforts are for other reasons, promoting an IndieGogo or Kickstarter fund is not a bad idea. Maybe you have a great set of content but you want to make your content look better or have a personal site in which your audience can interact with you better. Posting a good link is not a bad idea. You can post up a specific amount of money in intervals and actually award people for donating an amount. Paypal is always another option. You can create a Paypal link for your YouTube channel or even a Paypal button for your personal page. Creating a viral video of your reason for starting this donation based fund is an excellent way to get some money for your purpose whether it’s a cause to an ordeal happening in the world or something you want to do to increase the quality for your fans!

Speaking of which, please support one of my favorite actresses, Andrea Lewis, (Degrassi, Those Girls Are Wild) on her new venture of creating an online sitcom. Here’s the video below:


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