Sheer Social interviews Lisa Irby on Design, Traffic, and Monetization for website success 2013


Lisa Irby is someone I always refer to when it comes to online business and making money blogging. I watched this seminar yesterday and the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained is great but I always realized a few of my downfalls and a few things that was I doing right. I won’t go into everything she said, but I will break down some things and send you some links on what I’ve talked about that correlates to her topics.

I really think it’s great to have a self-host because of the advantages. I actually wrote a post comparing Blogger and WordPress. I definitely see what she’s saying that having a host like a Hostgator is much more more beneficial because you actually pay to own your content. It’s important also to realize that different outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and such are not necessarily meant to monetize but to stir up conversation and drive traffic. She made a good point talking about so many people depending on Facebook that they lose their audience because their page somehow gets deleted.

One thing I also loved is that she goes into the Google Keyword Tool and how it’s still important but things are so saturated that you have to think beyond that. Giving a story fro ma different angle than your competitors or providing better knowledge is a good way of getting the dominance in the search because you’ll get the comments and the likes, etc. That brings me to commenting. That’s one of the weaker points of my site, I’ll admit. However, I will work on that and write more content that drives opinions on the matter. That is definitely one of my goals.

Another great thing I like is how she says that your passion will lead you to success. I have to admit that this is not been the easiest thing especially starting this right out of college a few years back. A lot of things have happened, but I kept on. I see the long term and I genuinely love to do this on a daily basis. If you don’t love it, have a passion for it, or willing to do the research and ground work – you might as well hang it up. Money comes after the hard work and dedication, so you should do it for that reason and as a result the money comes later.

One of the primary things for 2013 is becoming more mobile optimized and user friendly. Of course, this also includes having some great apps to keep you well abreast mobile wise.

Trial and error is definitely apart of it and finding your voice. Sometimes, you are a much better writer, maybe you are great at taking pictures, maybe you’re great at creating infographics, maybe you can make really good videos, or speak on radio. It’s all about finding something you can do well and going after it. Check out this incredible stream by Lisa Irby, and if that wets your appetite. Check out her ebook with even more details called Niche Website Success


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