Getting into the more popular Evergreen niches for 2013 (Fitness/Health) !


Hey, everyone. I hope you had a great New Year’s Eve and Christmas and all of that. Now, it’s time for a fresh new start and that means getting into brand new niches. What are some of the hot topics you are looking for? Well, one thing is health. There are countless people looking to get in shape for their New Year resolutions. It maybe something about drinking more water, more tea, eating right, getting a six pack, and even helping to cure ails. I bet your first question is: What is an Evergreen niche?

Well, that’s a simple answer with a bunch of complex sub answers. The term ‘Evergreen’ in the niche marketing world is a need that will ALWAYS be relevant no matter how many years down the road. There will always be people searching for the answer and a lot of times, they are people that will invest in products related to the niche. Now, you ask why is health/fitness such a great place to start. Well, both of them go hand in hand! More people are getting sick or not eating properly so they are trying to find an answer to their problems. This is where you come in and become an authority on the matter as they are DESPERATELY looking for aid.

Here’s a great thing you can start with: Yoga. Yoga is becoming increasingly popular on the Western world. Work is becoming stressful, jobs are hard to find, careers are lacking, and fast foods/horrible exercising programs take a toll on all citizens. Yoga is great form because it relieves stress, helps deal with high blood pressure, increases flexibility, and is just an overall great body workout that helps keep you young. This is why a lot of people are really getting in touch with Yoga because it’s a great spiritual, mental, and physical form of art. This is only growing in popularity and starting a good blog with great tips is a good way to start.

Finding out if this niche is powerful can be done in a number of ways via keyword research to help you find trends in the market, ebooks, forums, and social media. Pinterest is still a gold mine when it comes to this type of stuff especially for eating, recipes, health, fitness, and finding really popular niches. You’ll definitely grab a great demographic of women that loves to buy into all of that. At the very least, you’ll gain some quality traffic that can over time grow into buyers.

Now, here’s the great part, you can break down how Yoga helps a certain ailment. You can focus in on that or branch out and provide some self help tips like eating, how you can fit in Yoga with your workouts, or even find a good schedule to help you organize the times you go to Yoga. When you can help people not only get in shape, help their health, all the while still providing them time with a life, that’s some very valuable information that they will not only love to invest in but spreading the word virally. Remember, there are a bunch of Evergreen niches, but a great place to start is in the fitness and health realm. In fact, check out a few of the niche sites I have up to help you with your progress whether it’s clean cut workouts, benefits of drinking tea or even Yoga.

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