Making extra money by creating products (Zazzle, Cafepress, etc)


A new venture I’ve started is actually building my own t-shirts which I will probably turn into other items like bags, buttons, mugs, etc. However, I realized that the key to really doing well with making money online is diversity especially when you make your own products. I decided that since my cocktail blog is getting a bit more traffic now that the algorithms aren’t changing every four seconds and that my Pinterest followers are soaring up. I found out that maybe a certain niche I’ve been doing has a lot more appeal. The great thing about Zazzle is that it does not cost anything to make your products and they already give you a number of different shirt styles that’s setup. All you do is get your design together and they print it on a shirt. I’m still working on the promotion portion, but that’s something I can definitely see being lucrative in a very short time.

If you aren’t really an artsy person or you just don’t have the time. A good idea would probably outsource it to someone who can make a solid design for cheap. I use Fiverr to outsource a lot of my stuff whether it’s article submissions, good ways to get better traffic, amongst other little things. It’s very easy to use and gigs cost around 5 bucks depending on what you ask. It’s a good time saver because if you focus all of your energy into one thing, it’s a lot harder to make money. However, there are ALWAYS exceptions to the rules.

What really made me turn to t-shirts is I actually considered a career in Fashion Design way back when I was in high school. I always knew the power of messages and I always tried to be as creative as possible with the way I danced, dressed, and even how I write. It’s a part of me. Making money is great, but what is your purpose BESIDES the money. This is a very fun thing to me and I think I’ll be able to profit off of it down the road.


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