Does the new MySpace have a chance to compete with all other social networks?


Of course, Myspace was the king at one point when it came to social networks. You could have your own profile and post your own pics, and it was great for musicians because they could post songs without having a separate download link or having to get on a different platform to put songs on their profile. It made it a really great way to monetize and promote especially when it came to merchandising, concerts, and more.

MySpace fell off due to the fact they just put way too much on there, way too much focus on customizing your profile, a lot of crazy graphics, and the functionality just went WAY down. What made Myspace cool is that you could add a bit of touches, but you had your own profile and music EASILY embedded which gave you a really cool personality. The new MySpace just a bit over a month ago. It has a much cleaner interface and it helps you connect with people in your area, with like minded interests, and you can still go to your favorite music and movie profiles. With Facebook at the helm, Twitter at a close second, and still people lingering on Google +, I wonder where does that leave Google?

In a lot of cases, I feel like MySpace is a bit behind the curve and should have fixed their problem about 2 1/2 years ago. It was really around that time, they started seeing this major downfall happen in their market. I mean, Justin Timberlake definitely has a stake as a partial owner as well as a creative director, but I wonder is that really enough to bring back the appeal of MySpace. As far as I’m concerned, I’m looking at it from an SEO/Marketing point of a view. Before I really got into blogging like that, I know I had nearly 1,000 MySpace friends. I think a lot of people have moved on from MySpace, but if there are some major things that it can come up with such as a few strong niches or things these other social networks do not possess, they might have some hope. I guess we will see, right?


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