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Great SEO package for cheap: The SEO Outsourcing Goldmine!! 5

Posted on September 30, 2011 by John K

The SEO Outsourcing Goldmine + Tools + .Edu Backlink Finder + .Edu Back link Packets product is really solid. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical at first, but for the price, it definitely helps quite a bit.

A lot of it is common sense, and stuff you should already know about. The .edu sites aren’t very great to be honest because of the constantly having to sign up for .edu accounts which takes time, and a lot of them are outdated from start.

However!!!! The rest of the package is really good. I was thoroughly impressed with it’s SEO components. There are a great number of free sources for RSS Feed Submitters, Pinging, Mass Pinging, Directory/Backlink submission. Some of which I had no clue existed!!! I’m excited to see how those hundreds and hundreds of pings and backlinks submission will affect my site in the next week or so due to the crawlers seeing my site. Submissions are also very easy as they only require a title, keywords, RSS feed, and e-mail address. They are free with purchase as well.

There’s also a great .PDF file that comes with the whole package and gives good details on outsource your backlinks, SEO, and things even further on a system called Fiverr which I already explained in one of my posts. Fiverr is an excellent resource to use when trying to obtain some really great backlinks or SEO work, so that your site gets the type of link juice it needs. On this particular package, they already show the different Fiverr gigs that will greatly help you as far as getting that type of recognition! Let me tell you, I’ve ordered a few gigs before, but never knew the extent to how many solid gigs were out there for RSS feeds, pingbacks, trackbacks, Article Directories, Spun Articles, and the like to help build more traffic back to your page. Excellent, excellent resource.

For those that are just getting their feet wet with blogging and looking to delve into some serious traffic, this is definitely the resource to buy. For less than the price of admission into a movie theater, you get all of this and more!!! Trust me! For more veterans, you’ll find out the different ways to manipulate the system to help build your search engine rankings to a higher level. Use these cheap costing, but invaluable resources to your advantage!!!! Go Buy The SEO Outsourcing Goldmine + Tools now!!!!

Make quality posts to attract your readers AND Google!!! 0

Posted on September 27, 2011 by John K

Yes, it’s a bit cliche, but it’s the TRUTH!!!! Why post hundreds and hundreds of posts if no one is going to read them, anyway?! It’s good to carefully plan out what you will type, how it will appeal to the reader, and get you true subscribers that genuinely find your information useful.

This correlates on a number of different levels. One thing that keeps readers attracted to your particular blog is the general look of your site. If you just post a bunch of ads any old place, or everything looks jumbled up and you have slow site, you’re guaranteed to get a huge turnover rate of just people that stay there for a quick second and leave. The point is to not only lead them to your site, but to find ways to make them stay or better yet comeback time and time again. Who knows? They may spread your site via word of mouth and you’ll start building prospects for clientele just like that!!!

The little things count. Coherent paragraphs, solid spelling, grammar, and other things to fine tune your blog. This shows that actually care about what you say, and makes things easier for your readers.

On the business side, those looking to advertise take you seriously because of the quality of the posts. The potential for getting paid to make a blog post becomes much more lucrative because they see what you do on your own blog. Google and other search engines also look at your site as having a better valuation because you have great posts that have good length, spelling, and grammar. Make sure you always put your best foot forward; it’s beneficial! You’ll get more backlinks to your site, a higher pagerank, and develop some good clientele that will pay for quality posting!

Don’t fret over trying to post 2-3 blogs every single day. Take your time with just preparing one blog post a day and gradually build post frequency. You can pace yourself out better and think clearly. Your prospects will come with timing. Put in the quality work now!

Google + implementing business profiles? 0

Posted on September 26, 2011 by John K

Burger King

Check out this article and see for yourself. Makes you wonder why they didn’t implement this in the pre-stage of Google, so that this can be ready before Google + official launch. Hmm, we shall should be a great thing for bigger business, though. Check the article….


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